C.S. Lewis – Three kinds of men – Which type is you?

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An interesting illustration from C.S. Lewis’s short essay, “Three Kinds of Men,” from his collection of essays, Present Concerns (pp. 9-10) via Gabi Bogdan:

There are three kinds of people in the world:

  1. The first class is of those who live simply for their own sake and pleasure, regarding Men and Nature as so much raw material to be cut up into whatever shape may serve them.
  2. In the second class are those who acknowledge some other claim upon them – the will of God, the categorical imperative, or the good of society and honestly try to pursue their own interests no further than this claim will allow. They try to surrender to the higher claim as much as it demands, like men paying a tax, but hope like other taxpayers that what is left over will be enough for them to live on. Their life is divided, like a soldier’s or a schoolboy’s life, into time „on parade” and time „off parade”, „in school” and „out of school”.
  3. But, the third class is of those who can say like St. Paul that for them „to live is Christ”. These people have got rid of the tiresome business of adjusting the rival claims of „Self” and God” by the simple expedient of rejecting the Self altogether. The old egoistic will has been turned around, reconditioned, and made into a new thing. All their time, in belonging to Him, belongs also to them, for they are His.

Yikes. The second example sounds like a lot of us at some point in our life, even after our conversion.  Upon doing some honest introspection, we find that at times we were in fact „begrudging”  and „disobedient” Christ followers. May God help us to live for Christ, and rejoice in the time spent in Him and for Him as Paul instructs us in Ephesians 1:21! Thanks to Gabi B. for the quote via iPad.

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