Videos from Moody Bible Institute Founder’s Week 2012 – Ravi Zacharias, Francis Chan and Erwin Lutzer in Chicago

Ravi Zacharias – The Four Gardens of Truth

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If someone asked you, „How do you establish that which needs to be conveyed to a skeptic?” I think the first thing that comes to your mind is the concept of truth, that when you speak to a skeptic, sooner or later, however you get there you’re going to come to a notion of truth because the skeptic is basically a rejector of that which he or she don’t want to accept. So, you will keep honing in on this idea of „what is true”.

But, in this post modern world if you only end with the notion of truth and miss the equally needed step of relevance, you will not connect with the listener. People don’t just want to know what truth is on certain matters. They want to know, „So what? What difference does it really make in my life? How is this relevant to me?”

Francis Chan – Some will hear the Word & deceive yourselves

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Francis Chan on the Gospel: There are some who hear it and for them it is the greatest news in the world. Others hear it over and over again and they don’t get it. It sounds like foolishness to them. But, even beyond that, I remember back 25 years ago when I was in Bible College, that there were times when I would hear the Word of God and it would just strike a chord in me. As Jesus said, „He who has ears, let him hear”. Some of you guys are just gonna hear these messages and deceive yourselves because you’re gonna say, „Oh yeah, oh yeah, that was good. I got it”. But you do nothing about it. You deceive yourselves because you don’t do what it says.

Erwin Lutzer  – Laodicea (and present day churches):

Why is Jesus standing outside the door?

How do we invite Him back in?

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Pastor of the historical Moody Church for 32 years

The four Presidents of Moody Bible Institute were Dr. Don Sweeting, Dr. Joseph Stoll, Dr. Michael J. Easley and is currently Dr. Paul Nyquist. (Click on their names to see video of 3 past & current Moody Bible Institute Presidents. Unfortunately I could never find video of Dr. Joe Stoll who is very much known and loved, as he preached at both Moody Bible Church and at James MacDonald’s Harvest Churches for many years.)

Erwin Lutzer

Dr. Erwin Lutzer: If I lived up to every sermon that I have preached in here I would glow in the dark. Pastor Lutzer estimates that if he were to add up all the sermons he has preached at Moody Church in the last 32 years it would add up to 45 days of 24/7 sermons.
He reads a letter drafted by an organization called ONE CRY who Lutzer says is working together with the Holy Spirit to ban together 50,000 Christians in order to  pray for the churches in America and for our country. They have decided that there is a spiritual emergency and Dr. Lutzer reads the first 2 paragraphs from this letter, describing the spiritual emergency:
„With heavy hearts, we recognize that the church in America is in a state of momentous spiritual decline. Like the churches warned in Revelation, we have become lukewarm, compromised and the light of our witness has grown dim. Despite having more resources and biblical teaching than any other group in history, we are not characterized by power that comes from the Holy Spirit. We acknowledge our lack of widespread impact for Christ on the lost and our disintegrating culture.”
Lutzer again: The Lord has laid a passage on my heart that I could not get away from. It is found in Revelation 3:14. The letter to the Church of Laodicea.  I will phrase my message with 2 questions:
  1. What is Jesus doing „outside” the church door?
  2. How do we invite Him back?

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