Video of the Week – Herod’s and Solomon’s Temples – virtual reconstructions and the Implication of the Ark of the Covenant on the Future Temple

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Jerusalem Temple – Herod

First Demo of Herods temple in Jerusalem; The Reconstruction of the Herodian Sanctuary According to the Writings of Josephus Flavius. Based on the Doctoral Dissertation of Dr. Yehoshua Peleg, department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology, faculty of Jewish Studies, Bar-Ilan University, Supported by the Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem

Studies, Prof. Joshua Schwartz, Director
Project Initiator and Project Director: Yehuda Vinograd
Production: Atom-mc
Temple Utensils and Priests: Shilo Vinograd
Project site:

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Solomons Temple

A virtual reconstruction of the temple built by Solomon.

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Ark of the Covenant – Lost or Hidden Away

If the ark did exist, where is it now? A group of rabbis claim they believe they have found the room that was the holy of holies in a 1981 excavation, but authorities stopped their excavation and walled off the area. Another rabbi states (back in 2007) that out of the 93 categories of vessels required for use at the Temple, they have now produced 60 of them based on the complicated nuances of Jewish law. The ark however, will not be reproduced as they believe it is sitting under the Al Aqsa mosque in the room they have discovered in the archaeological dig at that site in 1981.

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