Video of the Week – R.C. Sproul: Jesus Christ, the Only Way

How can you believe in a God who is so narrow minded that He would only provide ONE way of salvation to a world.

 Who is this God ?

R. C. Sproul: I don’t know why God hasn’t given us 5 Saviors or 15 religious ways to satisfy Him. I don’t know the answer to that question and let’s take a hypothetical situation. Suppose there is a God. Let’s start with that supposition and suppose that God is altogether absolutely holy. And, suppose that God, not out of any necessity within Himself, but out of sheer love and graciousness creates a world and He inhabits this world with a vast array of animals and plants and then when He is finished, His crowning act of creation is a creature that He shapes in His own image and He breathes into this creature His own breath. And, gives this creature preeminence, dominion over all the world and gives him the task of mirroring and reflecting God’s own holy character.

And God gratuitously heaps all kinds of benefits on this creature, but gives one restriction to this creature  and says, „You’re not allowed to touch or eat of this particular fruit and as soon as God turns His back, suppose this creature, totally ungrateful,  who owes his creator everything, turns around and grasps for equality with his creator and openly, willfully, defies the law of God and God had told him, „If you do this, you die.” Now suppose right then God had erased mankind from the earth, He would have been perfectly just to do it. Wouldn’t He have?

But suppose God was so patient, so kind, that He said, „I will cover this creature’s nakedness and I will provide a way of salvation for him and I will promise to deliver this ungrateful sinner from his desperate condition. I am going to send to this people who reject everything I do for them; I am going to send my only begotten Son. And I am going to take the sins of my people and transfer them to the back of my own Son, who is perfectly righteous and perfectly just.

And they kill…. the Son! And God said, „That’s okay! You killed Him, but if you will just put your trust in Him and honor Him; I will forgive you of every sin you ever committed against Me and against Him and I will give you eternal life where there will be no more death, no more tears, no more wickedness, no more pain, no more suffering and you will live forever in unending bliss! But my only requirement is that you honor the One who has died in your place.

Buddha didn’t die for you. Moses didn’t die for you. Mohammad didn’t die for you and I require that you honor and embrace my only Son.

Would you dare to stand before God on the day of  judgement and say, „God, You have not done enough. would you look in the face of God and say, „One way of salvation is not enough?” How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?

Beloved, I don’t think that people who believe in Christ are any better than people who believe in something else. We’re not talking about the superiority of people but I’m sure it rankles God Almighty to hear any human being even mention Buddha in the same breath  with Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ alone is sinless. Buddha was a sinner. Buddha couldn’t save himself, let alone anyone else. Mohammad was a sinner and Mohammad never saved anybody.

Only Christ is sinless. Only Christ has offered an atonement. Only Christ has provided redemption for us.

If that’s not enough for you, if that’s too restricted, then go your own way. But it’s the only way that God provided. You choose that or you perish.

Message R.C.Sproul „Christ the only way”, a Renewing Your Mind Broadcast from Ligonier ministries.

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