Adi Gliga – in Londra

Poza de la Situl lui Adi Gliga aici:

PAGINA Adi GLIGA cu Interviu si cintari aici.

Noiembrie 2010 Uploaded by  Am remarcat ca Adi a spus ca intr-o evanghelizare in Italia, a primit un pumn in stomac dupa ce s-a terminat. Suntem obisnuiti ca sa ii ascultam cintarile, dar aici avem oportunitatea sa il ascultam predicind:

Partea 1

Partea 2

Partea 3

Partea 4

Claudius Sămartinean (International House of Prayer – Timisoara) David si Casa de Inchinare Neintrerupta

Împreună cu Claudius Sămartinean, dezbatem subiectul cortului lui David din perioada vechiului testament. Împăratul David era un om după inima lui Dumnezeu si a dorit sa locuiasca veşnic în prezenţa slavei Dumnezeului lui Israel. Deaceea el a pus bazele primei case de închinare neîntreruptă. In cadrul emisiunii vizionăm un fragment din timpul de inchinare de la ziua mondială de rugăciune, sustinut de grupul Cristocentric.

Chuck Missler – Can The Army’s mind control project lead to immortality?

An interesting video. Chuck Missler talks about the Army’s project: The US Army has just awarded a $4 million contract to begin developing „thought helmets”  that would harness silent brain waves for secure communications among troops, so the squad leader can interact with the thoughts of his squad during a unit operation. Ultimately, the Army hopes the project will „lead to direct mental control of military systems by thought alone”.

There are professors who are allowing their neurosystems to directly connect to the computers. When you make that connection, that channel has two directions. That’s an entry  for who knows what.

We are coming into an era when science computation is trying to exceed the human mind and the ultimate aspiration these brilliant scientists (who have no concept of a creator or having any accountability to a creator) is „the ability to exchange „consciousness” between bodies. If you can take the full consciousness that’s in your brain, the software, and put that in a better environment, why not? But, if you can do that, you’ve just achieved immortality because you could be transferred from body to body to body.

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In this segment, Chuck Missler discusses advancing technologies. This segment comes from „The Hybrid Age” briefing pack recorded in 2011 and published by Koinonia House.

Tim Keller – A Call to Justice

Tim Keller speaks in Durham North Carolina June 2012 from Deuteronomy 15:

When you try to take the Gospel out of your private ice and even out of the church and out into the world, there’s basically two ways to do that: word and deed. You talk to people about the love of God (evangelism) and you can embody, you can show the love of God in deeds. Take a look at Luke 10. The first half is Gospel messaging- it’s talking about the love of God. Te second half of Luke 10 is Gospel neighboring; it’s doing deeds of love, it’s showing the love of God.

When you go out into the world to do evangelism, first of all nobody but christians are going to help you. And even if all christian churches come together to do evangelism in a big place, it’s actually tricky because you’re trying to get people into the churches and which churches do they go to? But when it comes to doing justice… sometimes the Bible talks about doing mercy, which is really the motivation, or doing service, which is really the form of the action and justice is the effect of the action.

Whenever the Bible says to go out into the world and show in deed, like the Good Samaritan did… go out there and do justice, it brings , first of all non christians who say, „Let’s do this with you and the churches have got to come together. There is no better way for churches to come together than to do justice and show the world the love of Christ.

Tim Keller preaches a sermon on Deutoronomy 15 that talks about a call to justice, then the power for doing justice and the testimony of justice.

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Reportaj Toflea – Pastorul Florin Cimpean cu Vasile Oprea la o nunta in Toflea

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Vizionati un interviu cu Vasile Oprea aici.

Vizionati secvente din 6 Martie cu Vasile Oprea  la seara de Tineret la Biserica Pastorului Ianovici aici,

Video realizat de Mircea Patrasescu si Petru Amarei RTN Chicago:

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