Grief is not a disorder

Chuck Colson reports that the American Psychiatric Association began serious discussions, earlier this year, about whether to label grieving a psychiatric disorder. Emotions are part of what makes us human. Only in the postmodern western part of the world is the ultimate goal: Pleasure. And that means no pain? Chuck Colson calls it a fantasy that would make us less than human.

Colson cites C.S.Lewis’s Abolition of man: If wise men of old sought to conform the soul to reality, the solution to the human problem was self discipline and virtue. But today through applied science and now it seems through little white pills we try to subdue reality to the wishes of man. Lewis was a prophet. What he saw was that our attempt to conquer nature will inevitably lead to nature conquering us. When humans are reduced to mere nature, the by products of chances and cause, they may be manipulated and remade according to the whims of the powerful.  It is an invitation to dehumanization and tyranny.

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