Unusual Songs (8) Misty Edwards – The Caged Bird

One Thing 2011 Conference

Misty Edwards sings at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri. Here’s a little bit about IHOP:-You can watch the prayer room live, 24/7 on God TV.  God TV Schedule on Locate TV For those who don’t get the Christian channel, watching online may be the only way to tune in, but even those who get the channel can still watch IHOP prayer room live online.  Just click here to access the site.  IHOP Prayer Room on God TV.

What Is the Prayer Room?

Central to the work of the missions base is our 24/7 prayer room, inspired by David’s tabernacle (1 Chr. 23:525:7), where 288 singers and 4,000 musicians were employed as their full-time occupation to minister to the Lord and serve the community. The 24/7 schedule is divided into twelve two-hour worship-based prayer meetings a day.

Scripture teaches that night-and-day prayer is crucial for the fullness of God’s power and purpose to be released (Lk. 18:7–8Isa. 62:6–7). We are offering Jesus unceasing adoration, while contending for justice and the power of the Holy Spirit to be manifest and bring transformation in every sphere of society.

The song is „Caged Bird” and it is based on one of Misty Edward’s favorite poems, which was written by  Gene Guyon,  in prison for writing on prayer and the Song of Solomon.

  1. A little bird I am,
    Shut from the fields of air,
    And in my cage I sit and sing
    To Him who placed me there;
    Well pleased a prisoner to be,
    Because, my God, it pleaseth Thee.
  2. Nought have I else to do,
    I sing the whole day long;
    And He whom most I love to please
    Doth listen to my song;
    He caught and bound my wandering wing;
    But still He bends to hear me sing.
  3. Thou hast an ear to hear
    A heart to love and bless;
    And though my notes were e’er so rude,
    Thou wouldst not hear the less;
    Because Thou knowest as they fall,
    That love, sweet love, inspires them all.
  4. My cage confines me round;
    Abroad I cannot fly;
    But though my wing is closely bound,
    My heart’s at liberty;
    For prison walls cannot control
    The flight, the freedom of the soul.
  5. O it is good to soar
    These bolts and bars above!
    To Him whose purpose I adore,
    Whose providence I love;
    And in Thy mighty will to find

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