Dr. John R.W. Stott – John Stott on the Bible and the Christian Life (Audio – Chapter 1 – in his own words)


John Stott sheds light on the authority of the Bible, the „dual-author” nature of the Bible, biblical interpretation, the problem of culture, developing a Christian mind, and making an impact on society.

Available in print, audiobook format and DVD format. In the six-session DVD curriculum, author and pastor John R. W. Stott–recently named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine–addresses key areas of Christian beliefs in his typical clear, balanced, biblically based, and intellectually rigorous manner. Sessions include:

  1.  The Authority of the Bible;
  2.  The Nature of the Bible: Double Authorship;
  3.  The Interpretation of the Bible;
  4.  The Problem of Culture;
  5.  Developing a Christian Mind; and
  6.  Making an Impact on Society.  Also includes a discussion guide.

Videourile Vodpod nu mai sunt disponibile.

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