James MacDonald videos from the Via Dolorosa (in Israel + 3 more)

It is powerful to see some actual places where Jesus walked as we commemorate so many events from Jesus’s life this week. James MacDonald, Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Il features 4 short (less than 2 minute) videos so far from these places:

  1. The Via Dolorosa
  2. From the actual steps of Caiaphas’s house in Jerusalem where Jesus’s suffering began
  3. At Jerusalem’s Antonia Fortress (Matthew 27:11)
  4. The actual garden of Ghetsemane

Also, James will continue to add clips each day for the rest of this week on his blog (if you wish, you can subscribe to his blog by email or rss at the top right of his blog page)

You can see all 4 videos so far via the title links on  James’ blog page here.

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