The death of death (Essential Theology)

  • Click here to read the entire article at This is an in-depth systematic theology study on death, (complete with Biblical references) including a discussion of the events that took place between the time of Jesus’s death and resurrection. This is a good chapter to print from  the original site and study in depth with your Bible.

Here is the skeleton outline of this study:

The death of death, a study by John W. Lawrence:

I. The Immediate Consequence of Death to Adam and Eve were –  Psychological Anxieties and Fears, Substitutional Sacrifices, Hostility in the Animal Kingdom, Deterioration and Infirmity in Body, The Loss of Loved Ones

II. The Meaning of Death

III. The Three Important Types of Death in Scripture: A. Spiritual Death, B. Physical Death, C. The Second Death or Eternal Death

– Death and the Work of Christ:  “The Cross and the Christ”

I. The Distinction Between Restoration and Resurrection

II. The Deaths Christ Died:

  • (A) The Spiritual Death of Christ on the Cross and 
  • (B) The Physical Death of Christ on the Cross

1. The physical body of Christ

2. The soul and human spirit of Christ

Death and the Present Session of Christ:  “The Bier and the Believer”

I. Jesus Christ Conquered Death

II. Jesus Christ Causes Death

III. Jesus Christ Consecrated Death

Death and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit: “Dying Grace and the Believer”

I. Dying Grace: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

II. Dying Grace: The Actual Experience for (A)Unbelievers and (B)Believers

Click here to read the entire article at

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