The Great Resurrection Debate (1 of 2) (William Lane Craig vs John Shelby Spong)

There is a somewhat lengthy introduction (a little over 8 minutes) which I am not too fond of long introductions, so you can plan accordingly as you watch this interesting debate between Spong and William Lane Craig. A view of someone (Craig) who believes the Word of God and someone (Spong) who only ‘somwhat believes’ some things. It helps us decide whether we choose to believe the Gospel or not. – Nothing is more central to the Christian doctrine than the reality of Christ’s resurrection. In this debate, William Lane Craig and Jesus Seminar fellow John Shelby Spong discuss and debate whether the resurrection was a real, physical event. Presented by Church Communication Network (CCN).”

Part 2:

A Q&A on Jesus’ Resurrection:

Dr. William Lane Craig debates another Jesus Seminar fellow Marcus Borg here:


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