Why is there no visible proof of God ? Here’s one opinion

Why is there no visible proof of God?

People believe that the fact that God hides (or can’t be seen) shows either that God doesn’t exist or He doesn’t love us enough to make Himself known to us in order to prevent us from going to hell.

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  1. danielwalldammit
    apr. 18, 2012 @ 12:35:51

    All of the ad bacculum problems you raise in the event that we know God exists are just as applicable if we don’t know for certain. The presence or absence of certainty does nothing whatsoever to heighten or lesson the role of fear in this message.

    • rodi
      apr. 18, 2012 @ 14:11:51

      I don’t think that the narrator appeals using the „Argumentum ad baculum”. right at the beginning at 01:14 he displays the following on the screen:

      „What Jesus is saying, is: It is not a matter of knowing that „God and hell exist”. It is a matter of how you feel about God. (Here he is referring to Jesus parable of the rich man and Lazarus)

      However on the point of fear:
      Though fear is not intended, fear may materialize as an outcome
      Example: if I saw a child playing with fire and I told him (a truth) that he will suffer if the flame touches his skin, then is the fear instilled by my voicing of this truth or by the revealed knowledge the boy now has, pertaining to the possible consequences.

      And no, I cannot show you God as I can show you fire so I am sure you can come up with a logical fallacy in that as well.
      The bottom line is that I can understand completely how someone who doubts the existence of God and cannot see logic or reason in His existence, needs to see proof. No one ever stepped out of atheism with tangible, visible proof. If they changed their mind it is because they encountered this living God themselves in a way that cannot be proven. And that way was through the Bible and/or prayer to God to reveal Himself. That is called faith. That is how most of us can be tortured or ridiculed to stop believing it, but we can’t because it is very real to us. When you ‘truly’ believe (I’m not talking about fanatics or people who think they can gain something out of ‘becoming” a christian, but people who humbly understand how sinful they are and how loving God was in order to find a solution to this sin problem through His very own Son’s death on the cross. That is the leap of faith that it takes to truly believe in God. Anything less is not faith and is not belief in the God of the Bible that we read.

      I do appreciate your input very much.

      • gabi bogdan
        apr. 19, 2012 @ 01:54:07

        Sounds interesting
        But …he makes it sound like God was looking for beings to worship him freely…

         23And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory,

        Actually I believe that God himself was looking for beings to make Himself known to

        That Is only one problem with his theory

        Another one is ” there is no visible proof of God”
        you have to shoot your brain to really believe that

        And I can identify at least two more( one … he claims that man being transformed by the fact that he loves God) …. Actually men is being transform by the power of the Holy Spirit (regeneration and sanctification , love and the wilingness to worship God being the a byproduct )

        A nice quote from Piper:
        The chief end of God is to glorify God and enjoy Himself forever

        • rodi
          apr. 19, 2012 @ 08:24:39

          I think his video is aimed at a particular „nonbelieving” audience and engaging them on their turf and in their language. To them visible proof is different from visible proof to us (seen in Creation) because we see and believe by faith because of God’s personal revelation to us. And, although regeneration is an ongoing process, once we have „believed” we do have a choice as to how and when and how frequently we worship God (out of our own free will, at this point since we are already saved and God does not dictate how ardent or zealous we are for Him once saved). That is why Piper strives to makes us „make much of God’s glory”, because we freely don’t. We get caught up in too many other things and forget the „main” thing.

          I think this guy’s videos are a good starting point for conversations between believers and non believers. It certainly started a long conversation on Youtube and probably makes some people think about God from a different perspective.

          The things you point out have a lot to do with sovereignty, which not everyone understands completely. It takes time to study and digest and mainly learn it from who else? The reformed. Once sovereignty is understood, it cannot be denied. You can tell a lot about someone’s journey in understanding the Word of God, by where they are on this subject.

  2. 2b14u
    apr. 18, 2012 @ 12:51:19

    The blind can not see proof.

    • rodi
      apr. 18, 2012 @ 14:19:49

      Many people walked right alongside Jesus 2,000 years ago and witnessed many things and still could not ‘see’ Jesus for whom He was.

      Last year, R C Sproul in his sermon on the resurrection:
      Sproul lists and challenges his listeners if they are living in sin and then he concludes: This is why some people hope that the resurrection didn’t happen. Because if Christ is not raised I don’t have to worry about a lake of fire. When I’m dead, I’ll be dead. There’ll be no judgement. I will have gotten away with it all. But, Christ is risen!

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