What do we know about Mormonism? Apparently not much…

I have subsequently added 2 useful links here for anyone interested in learning more about the doctrine that Mormons hold to. (04/28/2012):

  1. One is form the Gospel Coalition here, explaining some of the differences between Christianity and Mormonism http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2012/04/24/the-faqs-are-mormons-christian/?comments#comments
  2. and the second is a full study, from the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministries here http://carm.org/mormonism

Since I have had some encounters, some very strange ones at that with some Mormons, or seekers of Mormonism (I say seeker because they do not know much about their own religion), I have come to the conclusion that I need to understand Mormonism myself before I can engage in any conversation). The truth is that as much as I have a huge interest in reading about doctrines and the differences of doctrine of different denominations (among other reading interests) I do not relish reading about strange tales of denominations or religions where strange and sinful practices occur (i.e. occultism, polygamy, exaltation of men to god stature). In looking around and reading what is out there on the internet I am seeing a lot of comments mirroring this statement: „If not for their stance on polygamy, Mormons are just like any other Christian group who believe in Jesus Christ just like the Christians do.” WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.

Historical, orthodox Christianity believes Jesus Christ is not only the Son of God, but that He is God and part of the trinity and that Jesus Christ coexisted eternally with God (that is before the earth was even created). Just for starters: According to Mormons (their president-Hinckley who wrote their doctrine- believe that Jesus is the offspring of God and his goddess wife and also the brother of Satan.

From the CARM website:

In Mormonism, Jesus is a creation, the product of relations between god and his goddess wife who used to be people from another world (McConkie, Bruce, Mormon Doctrine, p. 192, 321, 516, 589).   Jesus is the literal spirit brother of the devil and of you and I (McConkie, p. 192, 589).  Also, in Mormon theology, God has a body of flesh and bones (Doctrine & Covenants 130:22) as does his wife and together they produce spirit offspring in heaven who inhabit human bodies on earth.

Very few, if any, of the ‘different’ Mormon doctrines are found in their Standard Works:  the Bible, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price.  Rather, they are taught by Mormons of high standing:  prophets, apostles, members of the 70 Quorum.  McConkie, for example, was a member of the 70’s Quorum, a very high ranking Mormon and wrote the book, Mormon Doctrine, from which much of the documentation for this is taken.

Even President Hinckley, the prophet and revelator of the Mormon church, has publicly declared that the Jesus of Mormonism and traditional Christianity are not the same.

The following information is taken from CARM apologetics website and you can access the full article here – http://carm.org/hinckley-says-mormons-believe-different-jesus

I will just post a comparison chart here:

The Mormon Jesus The Christian Jesus
  1. The literal son of god and his goddess wife begotten in the pre-existence.
  2. The brother of all spirits born in heaven in the premortal existence.
  3. One of 3 gods in the godhead.
  4. The Trinity is three separate gods.
  5. First one to receive a spirit body.
  6. Atoned for sin on the cross and in the garden of Gethsemane.
  1. Not the literal son of god and his goddess wife.
  2. Not the brother of all spirits born in heaven in a premortal existence.
  3. Not one of 3 gods in the godhead.
  4. The Trinity is 3 persons in one God.
  5. Was always spirit from eternity.
  6. Atoned for sin on the cross alone.

This brief comparison should help you see the difference between the two.  Jesus cannot be both the literal son of god and his goddess wife and not the literal begotten son.  He cannot be both one of 3 gods, and not one of 3 gods.  They are different.  In fact, it would be a lot easier if the Mormons called him by a different name.  For example, Bolok would be good.   Bolok is one of three gods, but Jesus is not. etc.  That way, it would be a lot easier to tell them apart.

Mormonism definitely does not teach the same Jesus as Christianity.

The entire article is also available in Spanish at the bottom of the Web page at http://carm.org/hinckley-says-mormons-believe-different-jesus

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  1. jimlockey1
    apr. 26, 2012 @ 16:00:24

    Thanks for spelling out some of these mormon beliefs.
    I’ve come across a lot of ignorance about mormonism too and a post like this is needed… but I hadn’t done it because of that same feeling of not relishing the prospect.
    But now I can just link people here 😀

    • rodi
      apr. 26, 2012 @ 21:08:06

      Hi Jim, you know, I am glad to have my unease validated by your similar unease for such a project. 🙂 Here in the states, because we have a Mormon running for the office of the presidency there is a lot of talk about Mormonism, yet never is there a story (in print or on the web) where any real information (i.e. doctrinal belief) is presented. And some Christians are claiming that Mormons are also Christian (i.e. famous preacher Joel Osteen) yet, either these folks are uninformed, which then makes them highly irresponsible to make such claims or …. I shudder to think it is the latter. There is no small difference here… It is as big as it can get.

      Everyone has a right to choose their own religion, but we also have a right to point out the patently false comparison to orthodox Christianity. In a sense, just the title of their Book of Mormon gives it away as a false gospel because it is described as „Another testament of Jesus Christ”. and founder Joseph Smith’s writing is considered a companion (equal) to the Bible. Thanks for the encouraging comment!

    • rodi
      apr. 28, 2012 @ 15:29:30

      Hi Jim,
      Today I have added 2 excellent links that you can refer people to, as I do not have the stomach to delve any deeper into the Mormonism doctrines. These 2 links are very explanatory for anyone to more than familiarize themselves with the tenets of Mormonism.

      1) One is form the Gospel Coalition here, explaining some of the differences between Christianity and Mormonism http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2012/04/24/the-faqs-are-mormons-christian/?comments#comments
      2) and the second is a full study, from the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministries here http://carm.org/mormonism

  2. gabi bogdan
    apr. 27, 2012 @ 01:31:25

    He he he .. Todd Friel talked about this today… I guess the MOrmon Church is trying to blur the lines between Christianity and Mormonism using a bunch of tv ads and using (gasp) Glenn Beck… Actually Glen Beck spoke in few mega churches in the last few months… He keeps saying ” lets forget about OUR differences and lets take this country back to God…And some christians swallow it up

    • rodi
      apr. 27, 2012 @ 09:09:53

      So do you think the pastors of the mega churches really know what Mormonism is? I doubt it. The strange thing is that it seems that not all Mormons know their doctrine either because the person I encountered kept insisting that he believes in Christ like I do, but just like there are people who call themselves Christian, yet never read the Bible, and therefore do not live it either, I assume there are Mormons who never read their Book of Mormon or the doctrinal book they follow. I think if they did they would see how crazy the notion that they have is, the one that their so called Jesus is a result of sex between god and goddess and that Satan is the brother of Jesus. What utter blasphemy! And how incredulous!

      I did not know this strange stuff that Mormons believe either, therefore I didnt’ think it was that bad. But is utter foolishness. Their founder Jospeh Smith claimed that he (the only man on earth) was given full revelation about God. Well he thoroughly minimizes God in his supposition that God would have to have sex in order to create man. The Mormons believe this is how we were all created as human spirits, humans and angels-through sex. They are attributing human qualities and understanding to God so through this erroneous and incredulous doctrine they are absolutely negating God’s omnipotence. God can speak and did speak the entire world into being and breathed life into Adam’s nostrils when he fashioned Adam out of dirt.

      There are just so many things wrong in this doctrine and I cannot believe 2 intelligent men like Beck and Romney, whom I admit that I respect, can buy into this. I would love to hear how Beck and Romney reconcile this strange belief among many others, like polygamy (which I know they do not practice, but others do) and how old men can take on 13 and 14 year old wives to add to their brood of many wives and how they reconcile that. When I looked up Mormons on Wikipedia (the article is being disputed for lack of objectivity) they put in a whole section on how highly they value chastity and are so morally against sex outside of marriage. Can hypocrisy get any bigger than that? When you have 26+ wives like Jospeh Smith had how can you tout chastity? It is a sick perversion. Polygamy=adultery. Adulterers do not go to heaven. Plain and simple. Yet their religion is founded on the principle of adultery. This is a very weird religion, to say the least.

      • gabi b
        apr. 27, 2012 @ 11:43:09

        Rodi..we are all postmodern now…and I know these pastors know the difference between mormonism and christianity…my 10 year old son can tell that mormonism us not christianity…but this is part of the spirit (for lack of a better term) of ecumenism that is spreading all over the world.. I see it in romania… Pustan, the adventist being part of the evangelical movement,
        ecumenical prayer meetings with catholics, orthodox, etc.
        There is a big push now days to reconcile the koran with the bible…

        • rodi
          apr. 27, 2012 @ 17:38:31

          by the way, thanks for the video. I bet you that many, many of the followers are deceived and not taught the basic tenets of Mormonism because they would find them as laughable and ridiculous as Greek mythology. If you go to the LDS website, smack on the first page is propaganda page with the question: Is the Mormon Jesus different ? And a bunch of „people” saying, No, they believe in the same Jesus as regular Christian churches do. I’d say there is a huge, huge difference, beginning with their prophet Joseph Smith’s declaration that he saw God and he was the only man given full revelation and so he writes the Book of Mormon, as „Another Revelation of Jesus Christ. And on and on…

      • gabi b
        apr. 27, 2012 @ 11:58:06

        And by the way..if you watch the tv commercials sponsored by the LDS you will see them using the name christian a lot …actually they believe that we are apostate and they are the real christian church…

        • rodi
          apr. 27, 2012 @ 17:24:09

          I just can’t believe a pastor would invite someone to speak in their church if they knew that person believe that god and goddess had an offspring named Jesus who is also brother of Satan… I feel a revulsion just writing these words. But this is what they believe.

          But, you could be very right…

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