Verge 2012 – Jeff Vanderstelt – Stop Trying To Be Jesus

Jeff Vanderstelt  from Verge Conference 2012- The biggest mistake I made when we started SOMA, I read John 21 „As the Father has sent me, so I send you”. And then I went to John chapter 1 and I read, „The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us”,  and now let’s figure out how to be like Jesus and be the incarnate word of God. So, you’re going like, „That’s no mistake”. „I stopped reading”.

Do you know what the rest of the text says? „As the Father has sent me, so I send you”. What does he do? He breathes on them  and says, „Receive the Holy Spirit”.  The biggest mistake I made is I told people to go be Jesus to people. None of you can be Jesus to people. Only Jesus can be Jesus to people. And the only way Jesus can be Jesus to people through you is by the power of His Holy Spirit. I am convinced more and more that we’re not experiencing the outpouring of the Spirit of God because we are lading people to do what they could do without Him. We’ve got to lead them to do what only Jesus could do and stop telling them that they are supposed to be Jesus. They’re not! There’s only one Jesus that I know of and He wants to live and dwell within you through the power of His Holy Spirit. So stop sending people on mission, send them with the Holy Spirit, with the power of God to do only what  God can do. I pray that we would do that.

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Jeff Vanderstelt – Rhythms:

Equipping Ordinary People for Everday Gospel Intentionality

When Paul says „speaking the thruth in love„, that’s Paul’s shorthand for speaking the Gospel. I’ve heard people say, „Brother I’m just speaking the truth in love to you”. And what they really mean is, „I’m saying a tough word to you”. But if the word isn’t the Gospel , then they won’t build me up into Christ. So, the truth in love must be the Gospel applied to a situation so that you will grow up into Christ in everything. So, if you don’t know how to speak the Gospel into everything in life, then you won’t know how to speak the truth in love which means you won’t have people growing up into maturity in Christ. So, what we have done at SOMA, I’m going to spend time talking and what we have done is made it our goal to make sure is everybody is Gospel fluent. Meaning, everybody knows how to speak the Gospel in any situation. To any situation. So if I’m going to confront someone in their sexual immorality, how do I preach the Gospel to sexual immorality, to a unique person, in a particular place?

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Rhythms: Equipping Ordinary People for Everday Gospel Intentionality – In order to shape a Gospel Centered people we must equip people to live ordinary life with Gospel Intentionality. In this workshop we will identify the normal rhythms of life and work through how to equip normal people to live extraordinary lives on mission in these rhythms.

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