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Jason Lee -Creative Kids Photography

Jason Lee -Creative Kids Photography

Did you ‘get’ the titles of the books these cute sisters are reading? As adults, we have come to know that reading the Bible is the best way to stay strong in our faith. However, we see many who struggle to „make themselves” read. So, it’s important to teach kids to like (if not love) to read.

What books will you recommend that your kids read? And how do you instill the love of reading in your kids? Here is a link on 10 ways to get kids excited about reading.(One example-Show your kids that reading will introduce them to new people, take them to faraway places, and let them travel through time. Start a family or neigborhood book group) If you click on #3 it will take you to a page where you can sign up for a free e-newsletter for Printable Worksheets and age specific Activities for the Family in the following age group ranges-    0-3     4-6     7-11     12-18.

Here’s how you can make reading a part of your kids’ everyday lives. by Cindy Bond

1. Show your kids that reading will introduce them to new people, take them to faraway places, and let them travel through time. Start a family or neigborhood book group.

2. Sign up your kids (and yourself) for a book club.

3. Print out these bookmarks and your kids will never lose their place again!

4. Make the connection between fact and fiction for your kids. If they loved Stellaluna, point them toward this quiz on bats.

5. Have your kids recommend their favorite books to friends and get their friends’ recommendations.

6. Turn your kids into supersleuths. After they read a book, they can create an unbreakable, crazy code.

7. Be sneaky! Take our kids on a „book nick.” It’s kind of like a picnic, only better!

8. Remember that practice makes perfect. Help your kids practice rhyming words, drawing lines and shapes, and moving their eyes and hands from left to right.

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This picture reminds me of my own childhood… My dad had bookcases lining the walls of several rooms, he always had a book in his pocket in case he had to wait at an appointment, and even when he took us to the park to play he sat quietly on a bench and read. Like father, like daughter. He instilled the love of reading into me for which I am forever grateful. My favorite book? The wisest, the most interesting, historic, literary and redeeming book of all- the Bible!

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