The King is Coming

sermon notes from David Platt’s present sermon series reads like a worshipful poem:


Matthew 21:1-22

Attributes of the King…

He is the divine King.
He is the prophesied King.
He is the righteous King.
He is the Savior King.
He is the gentle King.
He is the peaceful King.
He is the global King.
He is the Messianic King.
He is the compassionate King.
He is the prophetic King.
He is the holy King.
He is the authoritative King.

He has authority over the temple.
He has authority over disease.
He has authority over all people.
He has authority over all creation.

He is the coming King.

He came the first time humbly riding on a colt… To rescue sinners.

To be crucified as King.

He will come the second time sovereignly reigning on a horse…

To rule sinners.
To be crowned as King.

Application to our Lives…

Let us give him praise.
Gladly surrender to this King today.

Let us prioritize prayer.
Continually seek this King every day.

Let us bear fruit in our lives.
This King desires—and deserves—more than hollow worship and hypocritical religion.

Let us have faith as his church.
This King can—and will—do the impossible when we ask.

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