A Father’s Warning About Xbox Games

PARENTS please read this and be informed. If your game system has a browser built in it and your child can access the internet, then he is exposed to much more than R rated games. He or she is exposed to the pedophiles lurking and looking for unsuspecting children. Although there is a misconception that convicted pedophiles are banned from the internet, they are only banned from contact with children and social media websites such as Facebook. First of all, there is not enough manpower for this law to be enforced and secondly, even when caught  as the British daily reported back in May, the sex offenders, who are barred from social media websites are fighting back in court and winning by claiming that the ban infringes on their first amendment rights. See the story here- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2152987/Sex-offenders-fight-Facebook-ban.html

As reported in the Chicago Sun Times May 30th, 2012 :

A father bought his 12-year-old son an Xbox 360 plus Kinect video game console.

The Xbox came with a Webcam and what this suburban dad didn’t understand was that it connected to the Internet.

“I monitor everything my son does,” he said. “I have McAfee Family Protection System. I know every site he visits.”

As the father explained it to me, his son was playing a game on the Xbox and after winning a certain number of points a list popped up of other games he could “buy” for his points.

One of the games was called Flirting.

“The thing with this Xbox device is that with the camera you can put your face on an avatar, so it looks like you personally are a gladiator or whatever,” the father said.

“Well, when my son saw the Flirting game he clicked on it and saw this avatar with an image of a sexy, teenage girl.

“The idea is you can play these warrior games. It asks you if you want to play boy vs. girl, boy vs. boy, girl vs. girl, that kind of thing.

“You click on what you want and it puts you in a game.

“Well, someone is chatting with him and asks him (questions about the size of his sex organs).

“And then he asks if he can see it.”

Read the rest of the story here- http://southtownstar.suntimes.com/news/kadner/12868293-452/a-fathers-warningabout-xbox-games.html

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