John Piper despre vizita in Romania – John Piper talks about his trip to Romania

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Read the English version at the bottom half of this post. Special edition „Desiring God behind the blog”.  David Mathis with John Piper via

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In Limba Romana:


David Mathis: John is freshly back from a month of travels in the month of May. We are recording this on Wednesday, May 30th. He has just returned from being in Louisville at the Gospel Coalition meetings and he was in Europe for the earlier part of the month. So, John, you first went to Romania. Can you give us any highlights from that time in Romania, in Bucharest?

John Piper: Yeah, Bucharest, not Budapest. Don’t make the mistake that Michael Jackson did, when he stood up in front of thousands of people and said, „I love Budapest”, and everybody groaned,… the wrong place, so, I tried not to make that mistake. It was wonderful. Each of these stops was wonderful. To meet the friends who love God’s sovereignty. You know, I make these travels because I exist to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things, so, to have 750 younger and older people from Baptist, Brethren and Pentecostal, that’s the Alliance of Evangelicals there; that they can get together and talk about „God is the Gospel”, made me fall in love with that glorious truth all over again and to see among them a significant percentage of younger pastors, who you would  put in this category of young, restless, reformed types, I suppose, who love the Gospel, love mission, love church planting, and love God’s supremacy in the way He saves sinners, and so they were eager to hear more about that.

The highlight probably was the last night in, I think it’s called „The Palace Hall”, where Ceausescu, the dictator, has given his speeches of deification and stood before 4,500 communists to say, „We’re great in our communism”, then have him fall precipitously in December of 1989, swept away by a crowd of people, who pushed into the place where he was giving the speech; helicopters out, the pilot conspiring landed in a place he didn’t want to land, he’s arrested five days later, they shoot him in the head and he’s dead and communism is over. And, what was so moving is that the older people there could remember seeing that hall filled with communists, clapping in their rhythmical way, to say „Yes” to this dictator and to have me stand there, in the very place where he stood and have the place filled 20 minutes early with 4,500 people. Another 500, probably standing in the aisles, standing in the halls, just to hear a Christian pastor talk about „Don’t waste your life”.

So, I got shivers standing there, thinking, „This is just emblematic of what God does. He raises up kings, He puts down kings, He advances His gospel”. We should be encouraged , I think, about what’s happening in eastern Europe and pray that God would breathe on it, that in that dominantly orthodox land, the Gospel of free grace with the exaltation of Jesus Christ in His finished work would spread mightily.

Then Piper continues talking about his stop in Geneva, Switzerland and Hamburg, Germany. You can listen to the audio here –

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