John Piper – The four filters of prayer

from Desiring God via Gabi Bogdan

John Piper:

Here are the four filters. I think, when He says, „Pray in My name”, He means:

  1. For My fame, and not yours (That rules out about a thousand of my desires, vain, selfish person that I am)
  2. „Pray because of my divine worth, not yours. When you come to the Father in My name. Come to Me in My name, because I am infinitely worthy. You’re not, I am. Let my worth shape, filter everything that comes through here”.
  3. „Pray on the basis on an infinite payment that I made on the cross. Don’t come to Me without the Gospel. Don’t you cry to me for any blessing, if you’re not resting like a little child in the payment that I made for God’s „Yes” to all His promises to you. You got any other angle how to get to Me, besides through my payment, my name…. (I’m) not gonna listen to you”.
  4. „According to my sovereign wisdom.” Which means, we do what Jesus did- regularly. „Not mine will, but Thine be done” Because you have a wise plan. I think I know when my kids should be saved. I think I know lots of things….  God knows, not me. I think „In Your name” means, I submit to putting all my requests through the filter of your fame and your worth and your payment and your wisdom. When we do that, I think the assurance we get is, „You will have everything you need, to live the works that I called you to live. I have prepared works for you to walk in them”. Ephesians 2:10 „I’ll give you what you need for those

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