In awe of God’s creation – Waves – Valurile Apei – Coplesit de creatia lui Dumnezeu

source – via Viorel Chis by Photographers Nick Selway, 28, and pal CJ Kale, 35

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Doi fotografi, asteapta in apa ca sa pozeze aceste valuri care se izbesc in capul lor, in apele din imprejurul statului Hawai.

Two photographers, with waterproof cameras  wait for waves to crash on their heads so they can take these fantastic pictures in Hawaii.

Waiting for a wave – Asteptand momentul potrivit…

The foggy sands closer to shore get tossed and turned in the foam, leading to a wide mix of colours in this shot.

In aceasta poza este capturat nisipul de la mal, care este intors si devine spuma de diferite culori.

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