These church kids ask some tough questions

photo a fantastic Orange County, CA photographer

via A creative video featuring questions from kids curious about spiritual matters. Are we ready to answer these questions?

  • Did He make our parents? Will I get to see God in heaven? Does God really speak to us from the sky? What do you want from us? Does God really love us with all His heart when we make mistakes? Why does God love people when they do bad? Why is God so awesome? 
  • Why don’t people believe in God, mostly they only believe in Jesus? How did Jesus die? Why did Jesus pray to Himself when He was on the cross? Did God really get born on Christmas? When will Jesus come back to earth?
  • Why do people kill other people? Why does God make people who steal? Why did God make guns? Why does God let kids bully other kids? Why did white people treat slaves as property?
  • Can you see people in heaven that died, when you want to?  Will we have friends in heaven? How big is heaven? Will there be animals and pets in heaven ? Can you forget about your parents when they are dead? How did our parents get us here? Is there food in heaven? Why did my dog Max die?
  • Are we supposed to love Satan? Why isn’t Satan dead? Do we still have Satan fighting right now?
  • Why did God make hell? What happens to people in hell? What do people do when they go to hell? How small is hell?
  • Do angels sin? Why don’t people praise angels? Why do people worship statues?
  • When were bibles invented?
  • What do you do if you are Christian and your mom and dad are not and they don’t let you do anything Christian? Why me? Why won’t people tell me the truth? Where will you lead me next?

Uploaded by  on Mar 24, 2011 Some questions posed by kids at church. As you watch this, keep in mind that the children asking these questions range in age from Kindergarten to 6th grade… The stars represent other kids who echo or ‘like’ that question. Song is „When the Rain Comes” by Third Day.

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