Jews for Jesus presents Awakening (narrated by Stephen Baldwin)

You can watch another video from Jews for Jesus here.

Jews for Jesus. Every summer they take one month in New York to spread the good news of Jesus, they call it „Making the Messiah-ship of Jesus and unavoidable issue to our jewish people”. It is a tradition that started in 1974 with its founder, Moishe Rosen, who brought in a group of twenty somethings into New York, to do „something outrageous” – to share the gospel in a public way. Radical street evangelism was a top priority in order to awaken New Yorkers to the issue of Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.

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Directed by award winners Herb & Amy Kossover and narrated by actor Stephen Baldwin, the 30-minute DVD Awakening transports you to the streets of New York as Jews for Jesus’ next generation of missionaries engages seekers with the gospel.

Social media, including Twitter and Facebook are employed along with tried and true broadsides (contemporary humorous tracts), music and street surveys. Many reject their message. Others have their lives changes forever. The work is physically demanding and emotionally draining. But as Jews for Jesus’ Rebekah Smith puts it, „It’s awakening the Jewish community. If we don’t do it, who’s going to?”

Awakening will inspire you to share your faith, partner with Jews for Jesus and pray hard for these efforts.

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