Outline of the Synoptic Gospels

Matthew: Jesus as King

IA. The King Arrives (1:1-2:23)

  • 1B. Genealogy and Birth (1:1-25)
  • 2B. Worship, Opposition, Rescue, and Return to Nazareth (2:1-23)

IIA. The King Preaches the Gospel of His Kingdom (3:1-7:29)

  • 1B. Narrative: Preparation for Ministry in the Kingdom (3:1-4:25)
  • 2B. Discourse: Righteousness in the Kingdom (5:1-7:29)

IIIA. The King Extends His Kingdom (8:1-11:1)

  • 1B. Narrative: A Demonstration of the Power of the King and His Kingdom (8:1-10:4)
  • 2B. Discourse: Go Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom (10:5-11:1)

IVA. The King Experiences Opposition to Himself and His Kingdom (11:2-13:53)

  • 1B. Narrative: Doubt, Sabbath, Unpardonable Sin (11:2-12:50)
  • 2B. Discourse: The Parables of the Kingdom (13:1-53)

VA. The King Experiences Increasing Opposition and Polarity (13:54-19:2)

  • 1B. Narrative: Miracles, Traditions, and Transformation (13:54-17:27)
  • 2B. Discourse: Qualities of Kingdom Disciples (18:1-19:2)

VIA. The King and His Kingdom Are Officially Rejected (19:3-25:46)

  • 1B. Narrative: True Discipleship, Controversies, Warnings and Woes (19:3-23:39)
  • 2B. Discourse: Great Tribulation, Christ’s Return, Certain Judgment (24:1-25:46)

VIIA. The King’s Initial Vindication and Commission (26:1-28:20)

  • 1B. The King’s Passion (26:1-27:66)
  • 2B. The King’s Resurrection (Vindication) and Commission (28:1-20)

Mark: Jesus as Suffering Servant

IA. Beginning of The Servant’s Ministry (1:1-13)

  • 1B. Introduction (1:1)
  • 2B. The Preparation of John the Baptist (1:2-8)
  • 3B. The Baptism of Jesus (1:9-11)
  • 4B. The Temptation of Jesus (1:12-13)

IIA. The Servant’s Ministry in Galilee (1:14-6:6a)

  • 1B. Cycle One: Early Galilean—Saving Sinners and the Sabbath Controversy (1:14-3:6)
  • 2B. Cycle Two: Later Galilean—Withdrawal, Beelzebub, and Rejection (3:7-6:6a)

IIIA. The Servant’s Withdrawals from Galilee (6:6b-8:21)

  • 1B. The Catalyst: John Beheaded (6:6b-29)
  • 2B. Withdrawals and Miracles: Deserted Place, Tyre, Decapolis, Sea of Gal. (6:30-8:21)

IVA. The Servant’s Suffering: Passion Prediction #1—Caesarea Philippi (8:22-38)

VA. The Servant’s Journey to Jerusalem (9:1-10:52)

  • 1B. Lessons in Galilee: Passion Predication #2 (9:1-50)
  • 2B. Lessons in Perea and Judea: Passion Prediction #3 (10:1-52)

VIA. The Servant’s Ministry in Jerusalem (11:1-13:37)

  • 1B. Presentation of the Suffering Servant (11:1-11)
  • 2B. The Servants Judgment of the Nation in Symbols (11:12-26)
  • 3B. The Servant’s Confrontations with the Religious Leaders (11:27-12:44)
  • 4B. The Servant’s Judgment of the Nation in Prophecy (13:1-37)

VIIA. Culmination of the Servant’s Ministry (14:1-16:8)

  • 1B. Preparations for Death (14:1-52)
  • 2B. The Death of the Servant (14:53-15:47)
  • 3B. The Resurrection of the Servant (16:1-8)

Luke: Jesus as The Son True Man

IA. Prologue (1:1-4)

IIA. The Infancy and Growth of the Son of Man (1:5-2:52)

  • 1B. Two Pregnancies Predicted (1:5-56)
  • 2B. Two Sons Born (1:57-2:52)

IIIA. The Preparation for the Son of Man for Public Ministry (3:1-4:13)

IVA. The Son of Man’s Galilean Ministry (4:14-9:50)

VA. The Son of Man’s Journey to Jerusalem (9:51-19:27)

  • 1B. Instruction in Discipleship in Light of Jesus’ Ministry (9:51-11:13)
  • 2B. Confrontation with the Pharisees; 1st Cycle (11:14-54)
  • 3B. Instruction in Discipleship in Light of religious Leaders’ Rejection (12:1-13:35)
  • 4B. Confrontation with Pharisees: 2nd Cycle (14:1-24)
  • 5B. Instruction in Discipleship in Light of Jesus’ Impending Death (14:25-19:27)

VIA. The Son of Man’s Jerusalem Ministry (19:28-21:38)

  • 1B. Triumphal Entry (19:28-44)
  • 2B. Opposition in the Temple (19:45-21:38)

VIIA. The Death and Resurrection of the Son of Man (22:1-24:53)

  • 1B. Preparation for Death (22:1-53)
  • 2B. Death (22:54-23:56)
  • 3B. Resurrection (24:1-53)
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