Things to consider before you correct another person

Over at they have posted an article from Frank Viola in which he lists 14 things to consider before you take it upon yourself to correct another person. This is an excellent article to print, save and pull out when confronted with a situation where you take it upon yourself to confront another person. It just might help lead us into making a sound, scriptural decision instead of a „heat of the moment” one. There is lots of wisdom here.

Here are two things I took away from the 14 points he gives for our consideration:

  1. Be keenly aware that you are just as fallen and deserving of judgment as the person you are correcting.(That is Viola’s point #10) Viola continues, „The sin of self-righteousness is the result of regarding some sins (that of others) as being more serious than other sins (those of our own). Jesus equated anger with murder and lust with adultery (Matthew 5:21-22, 27-28), and James said that if you break one point of the Law, you’re guilty of breaking every Law (James 2:10). That puts all of us on the same needy level. Be careful not to fall into what Philip Yancey painfully observed: “Christians get very angry toward other Christians who sin differently than they do.
  2. In  points # 9  Viola gives a list of questions you should answer when considering corrective action. He says that if you can’t answer „yes” to these questions, „then you’re not yet qualified to correct your brother or sister.”  Here’s a sample of the questions:
  • Is it my place to correct this person? Do I have a personal relationship with them? Or am I being a busybody in another person’s affairs? (1 Peter 4:15; 1 Timothy 5:13).
  • Have I forborne this problem for a long time? Has longsuffering and patience run its course?
  • Have I agonized before the Lord, asking Him to remove the dark parts out of me before I talk to my sister or brother?
  • And perhaps the most important of all: How would I want to be corrected if it were me who needed the correction?

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