Do all roads lead to God? William Lane Craig at UCSB, 2004

Is salvation only available through Christ? Can morality exist without God? Do all roads lead to God? Internationally renown theologian and apologist William Lane Craig discusses these concepts and responds to questions from the audience. – Published on Jun 26, 2012 by 

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  1. Steven Carr
    iul. 03, 2012 @ 02:25:30

    There are many roads which lead to God, some more surprising than others.

    William Lane Craig recently wrote ‘…God loves Heinrich just as much as He loves you and so accords him sufficient grace for salvation and seeks to draw him to Himself.

    Indeed, God may have known that through the guilt and shame of what Heinrich did under the Third Reich, he would eventually come to repent and find salvation and eternal life.

    Paradoxically, being a Nazi may have been the best thing that happened to Heinrich, since it led to his salvation.

    Of course, one may wonder about those poor people who suffered in the death camps because of Heinrich. But God has a plan for their lives….

    • rodi
      iul. 03, 2012 @ 10:17:58

      this is a very painful „dilemma”. Although not Jewish, I will forever be haunted by the events of the Holocaust and the horrific evil perpetrated by Nazis, especially the ones who tried to claim the Bible as a guiding factor.

      The problem of evil is probably the most perplexing one there is for mankind and I know many folks who find it a huge stumbling block to belief in God. So, I can only try and give you some of my own humble thoughts.

      Just as there are things that have happened in my own life (death and suffering) I have come to learn that during the time of suffering we never see the whole picture and the good that may potentially come of it, yet there is some good as a result if not in the suffering person, but in those around the suffering person whose lives are transformed into dedication and sacrifice that benefits and impacts a much wider audience. For the one who is suffering, I think you are right from your last statement that we do not know or visibly see any benefits (of course) and this is where as Christians we do say „we don’t know” and that our belief in God’s supremacy leads us to believe appeal to His higher purpose.

      However, as passive as that may sound (saying we don’t have a clear answer), we abhor and denounce this evil. There is never any justification for it. We don’t understand why God would draw someone like Heinrich to Himself, but what we take away from it is that we must preach or teach about His saving grace to everybody, even the murderers sitting on death row, who by our human sense of justice we would never want to see redeemed, yet God wants us to approach everyone equally with the message of the Gospel because Jesus Christ modeled this for us, He did not come to create an elite group of followers, He came for the broken and the sinful.

      I can point you to an excerpt from Ravi Zacharias’s book Deliver Us from Evil : Restoring the Soul in a Disintegrating Culture that does talk about one good thing that came out of the evil perpetrated by the Nazis. The link is found here

      In this excerpt Ravi Zacharias says, on God’s involvement in the holocaust: God’s permission is not the same as His approval.

  2. Steven Carr
    iul. 03, 2012 @ 11:48:37

    I see.

    So your God permitted the people sent to death camps to be part of his plan, but didn’t approve of his own plans?

    • rodi
      iul. 03, 2012 @ 16:29:41

      Since He is our Creator, he is your God too, whether you acknowledge Him or not. A child may negate his/her parent, however it does not nullify the parent. Rebelling against God is exactly what the Nazis did. Like a spoiled child who steals or injures another and says, but my parents like it when I do this, so they (the Nazis) invoked the name of God in the evil that they perpetrated.

      However many arguments you want to formulate and then believe I can tell you that personally, my belief in God has given me an assurance and a peace of mind that I don’t think you will ever have. And the surprising thing is that my family has not had an easy life devoid of suffering, yet knowing our own redemption was fulfilled in the death of Christ, our lives have a different kind of significance.

      We don’t pretend to get inside the mind of God, or worst to judge a God whom we understand on a somewhat limited basis due to our human limitations but there is something unseen that is present in our lives when we trust and have faith in what He has done for us. One cannot read the entire Bible with an open mind and come away from it in solid disbelief.

      I don’t usually surf atheist sites, but come across threads in my research and it is always amazing how intellectually dishonest many are because they attribute phrases and sentences to the bible that if they performed a simple google search they would see this words have nothing whatsoever to do with the Bible, yet they base their whole life and their future eternity on repeating mistaken ideas. I am not saying this is the case with you since we have not exchanged too many words, but, it has caused me to be more sympathetic and prayerful to those whom I do encounter.

      I grew up in a Christian home with outstanding parents, yet I had to find out for myself and it took me a lot of years until I finally read throughout the whole Bible one year and was amazed at its narrative and how those words spoke life into me- meaning, they animated me, they made me feel loved and gave me an awe and sense of wonder. Guess what ? I started to „judge” (if I can call it that) God differently and understand I was not the center of the universe, but He was. It changed me into a different kind of person, to the degree that hundreds of my fellow coworkers were always praising me and telling me they never met anyone like me. It wasn’t me, it was a transformed sinner who decided to follow the good instructions of the Bible.
      Anyone who would do so, would not end up committing ethnic cleansing like the Nazis did. The Word of God is transformative, but dormant until it is read, believed and followed.

      You walk into a bookstore (or surf the web) already knowing what you will choose to read: either something pro God or against God. You have made up your mind before reading His (God’s) side of the story. People will read dozens of books against the Bible, yet never read the document itself. That’s poor scholarship. Again, if that’s not the case with you, then that’s a different story.

      In the end, I have an assurance and peace of mind that I would not trade for anything. If I am wrong, I will have lived a fulfilling life, full of love, joy and service to my fellow man, comforted through illness, suffering and death by a hope in God for things in the future, but if you are wrong, you will have lost your eternity. So it is an extremely important debate.

  3. Steven Carr
    iul. 08, 2012 @ 04:36:11

    ‘Since He is our Creator, he is your God too, whether you acknowledge Him or not.’

    No, he is not my god. I didn’t invent him.

    ‘Anyone who would do so, would not end up committing ethnic cleansing like the Nazis did.’

    Here is William Lane Craig’s words once more , so you can continue to ignore what he said ‘Paradoxically, being a Nazi may have been the best thing that happened to Heinrich, since it led to his salvation.’

    What part of Craig claiming that becoming a Nazi led to somebody’s salvation would you like help with?

    • rodi
      iul. 08, 2012 @ 13:39:01

      I can’t speak for Craig, maybe you should contact him and ask him what he meant by that… maybe you already know, but this is a good sticking point for you because it allows you to rest your unbelief on this little statement. Will you live your life by what a man says?

      It is only logical that someone who committed the worst of crimes, when finally broken by the guilt and the horror of their actions and wanting to feel forgiveness and peace, that they will break and cry out to God. People who are having an easy life tend to eschew God and live in their own little kingdom.

      You can hold on to and get hung up on a phrase that someone said for the rest of your life. You can also go through life picking things here and there to throw around to knock God, but the fact is that He really doesn’t need you, or I or anybody for that matter. We could shake our fists and denounce God all we want. But, as long as you have a doubt about your truth claim that He doesn’t exist, you will never have true peace of mind or true joy.

      I really do wish you peace and joy, but my prayer is also that one day your curiosity will make you get into the book that speaks for itself and read the book of John, the one that best describes Jesus.

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