Perry Stone – How addictions damage the brain (Part 2 of an ongoing series- from a Christian perspective)

In Part 1  Perry Stone with guest Sharon Maloney discuss addiction. Many Christians do not even know they have an addiction, they are in denial and they think they can help break it themselves. Sharon shows what addictions with drugs or even pornography does to the brain. She gives some life size examples through brain scan pictures, including a brain scan of a brain  of a person who consumes alcohol on a steady basis. Click here to watch PART 1.

In Part 2  below – Addictions cause damage to the brain. Not just drugs, but prescription drugs, marajuana (some people use it medically), and pornography. Sharon describes how addiction to pornography happens. When you look at the images, they get imprinted on the brain and they could surface by the brains retrieval of the pictures instantaneously. It gets encoded on the brain on the emotional memory center of the brain because the pleasure pathway lights up and dopamine is dumped in tot he system. Not only is it encoded on the brain but people get back to that to get the same feeling they would get from drugs. When someone looks at pornography, the brain makes them believe they are really in the sex act. Sharon shows more brain scans.

VIDEOS on TBN here – Addictions

VIDEOS on TBN Manna Fest with Perry Stone here – 120 episodes private now

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  4. Richard
    ian. 26, 2014 @ 04:13:44

    how can I view the private video’s. I have a porno addiction and need help.

    • rodi
      ian. 26, 2014 @ 18:54:09

      Hi Richard,
      I found another video and added it into the blog post.

      I also found this additional message which might be helpful – „What Happened In My Brain When The Tempter Came –

      I know of a good online organization that can be of help. It is for people with different addictions and it is free and you can do the counseling online. You may be interested in giving it a try, it is‎

      May God work in your life and give you strength and may he help you overcome your struggles. And remember that Jesus is greater than all of your/our struggles. I wish you well and we will pray for you to have God’s deliverance. God bless and keep you!

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