In awe of God’s creation – Lake Moraine, Alberta-Canada

The crystal clear waters of Banff National Park’s Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada are fed primarily by the nearby Fay glacier.

God, the mountains tell your glory, lifting praise to you above!
In your Word, each mountain story shows your presence and your love.
Noah built as you commanded; soon the waters swirled around.
Those you saved, Lord, safely landed; you set them on mountain ground.

Lord, when Moses was returning to the mountain that he knew,
There a bush was brightly burning. There it was he heard from you.
Later Moses felt your presence; in the heights he knew your grace.
He brought down the Ten Commandments from your holy mountain place.

Christ, you taught upon a mountain, showing us God’s kingdom view.
In the heights when you were praying, God’s own glory shone on you.
Climbing to a quiet garden, in your grief and faith you cried.
On a hill for our own pardon, you, O Lord, were crucified.

Thank you now for blue-green mountains, red-brown mesas, high peaks, too.
Here may we enjoy creation, know your presence, learn from you.
Here may we sing out your glory, hear your call and find your grace.
Risen Christ, we’ll tell your story, from these heights to every place.

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