Florin Ianovici – Ce foc te mistuie?

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Poza Roxana Miron (Fb)

Doi ucenici suparati, Iacov si Ioan, l-au intrebat pe Isus daca vrea ca ei sa porunceasca sa se coboare foc din cer peste un sat samaritean ce a refuzat sa il gazduiasca.

Motivul refuzului samaritenilor erau cu privire la o disputa nationala: unde este adevaratul loc de inchinare?

Nu, a raspuns Isus! Voi nu stiti de ce duh sunteti insufletiti! Focul de care e nevoie nu e acela care sa distruga vieti caci Isus este Dumnezeul care nu vrea ca oamenii sa se piarda ci sa fie mantuiti.

E nevoie de focul care sa mistuie jertfa, de focul care sa aprinda pasiunea pentru semenii pierduti, de focul inimii aprinse de Scriptura, de focul curat al unor prietenii in Domnul. E nevoie de focul dragostei intre soti, intre copii si parinti, intre frati si surori. E nevoie de focul mocnit al rabdarii si daruirii de sine.

Cand vorbiti de Ilie, nu cautati doar focul ce a mistuit pe cei ce au venit impotriva sa, ci, mai ales, focul care a mistuit jertfa.

Va rog: cand vorbiti despre tara noastra, despre biserica voastra, despre parintii vostrii, despre prietenii vostrii, cautati focul ce mistuie jertfa si nu pe acela care preface totul in scrum.

Cand auzi sau citesti sau ti se intampla ceva care te deranjeaza, te napustesti asupra celor ce te deranjeaza sau simti nevoia sa te retragi la rugaciune, la un timp de reflectie, de analiza, de evaluare in lumina Scripturii?

Sunt zile in care oamenii sunt aprinsi! Ce foc te mistuie?

Summer break – o mica pauza

Va anuntam ca luam o pauza scurta de la blogging. Intre timp, daca nu a-ti avut oportunitatea sa cercetati alte pagini alre blogului, daca veti cauta facand click pe diferite poze si titluri veti gasi multe materiale folositoare si interesante. Va dorim o saptamana binecuvantata! Mai jos am pus un film lumg si mai vechi despre viata Domnului Isus. Acestga nu este subtitrat dar la alta pagina veti gasi multe filme crestine si majoritatea sunt subtitrate in Limba Romana. Faceti click aici pentru aceasta pagina – Filme Crestine. Vizitati si pagina Carti crestine.

We are taking a summer break from blogging. Meanwhile, enjoy some pages you may not have clicked on before:

1) Christian Films – many of these have Romanian subtitles, but they can be enjoyed nevertheless.

2) Free Online Books – Some here – collection-of-online-books and some through the 100 links provided here- It’s summer – Ideas for you and your family.

3) Study the Bible along with this 24 hour video series that is very fast paced and extremely informative here- http://wp.me/P1eavz-1w

And here is movie you might not have seen before on the life of Jesus. It is 5 hours and 45 minutes long.

Andrew Fuller Free ebook from Desiring God

In October of 1792 the Baptist Missionary Society was formed in the home of Andrew Fuller. For the next twenty-one years Fuller served as the leader of this organization, raising funds, writing periodicals, recruiting missionaries, and sending personal letters to those on the frontlines.

He fulfilled his promise to the great missionary William Carey, who upon his trip to the unknown world of India, looked at the small band of brothers around him and said, as it were, „Well, I will go down, if you will hold the rope.” Andrew Fuller held the rope. Suffering the loss of his first wife, and eight of their eleven children, Fuller persevered in the midst of severe affliction and overwhelming responsibilities. He longed for unreached peoples to hear the gospel and championed the important (but often overlooked) foundation of doctrinal clarity.

For these reasons and more, John Piper delivered a biographical message on Andrew Fuller at the 2007 Conference for Pastors. Standing as the emblematic „rope holder,” Fuller’s life is once again put on display for our encouragement and example in this new ebook, Andrew Fuller: I Will Go Down If You Will Hold the Rope!

How do we give our lives to world missions if we feel called to stay in our homeland? How do we breathe the air of the world’s lostness without living among unreached peoples? How do we grasp the importance of doctrine in fulfilling the missionary cause? ..

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