Scientific Proof of God – Antony Flew & Gerald Schroeder

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One of Britain’s most resolute unbelievers. A philosopher who for many decades has proclaimed his lack belief in any kind of God. Then late at 2004 Professor Antony Flew declared that he had changed his mind after reading Dr Gerald Schroeder’s books. (Dr Schroeder is a leading Israeli scientist ).

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Proof of God. Go beyond Intelligent Design with the scientific case for a Creator. Dr. Gerald Schroeder delivers a powerful scientific case proving that God’s existence is real.

Dr. Schroeder’s argument is so powerful that it influenced one of the worlds leading atheist, Antony Flew to accept the reality of an infinitely intelligent God.
To get the mp3 version of this proof that God exists go here

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  2. The Master's Slave
    aug. 23, 2012 @ 11:46:36

    This is wonderful news. How exciting to see a man being saved at his late age. The smell of hellfire upon this man was extreme…God is indeed great!

    • rodi
      aug. 23, 2012 @ 12:12:26

      Although Flew was a deist and not a Christian convert, his change from being a prominent atheist to deism shows that when one has an open mind and „follows an argument wherever it may lead”, that it opens the door to the existence of God.

      And here’s where Flew’s atheism was challenged:
      From Wikipedia: [In fact] the only reason which I have for beginning to think of believing in a First Cause god is the impossibility of providing a naturalistic account of the origin of the first reproducing organisms.In another letter to Carrier of 29 December 2004 Flew went on to retract his statement, writing „a deity or a ‘super-intelligence’ [is] the only good explanation for the origin of life and the complexity of nature,” and „I now realise that I have made a fool of myself by believing that there were no presentable theories of the development of inanimate matter up to the first living creature capable of reproduction.” He blamed his error on being „misled” by Richard Dawkins, claiming Dawkins „has never been reported as referring to any promising work on the production of a theory of the development of living matter.” His 2007 book revisited the question, however, and questioned contemporary models: „the latest work I have seen shows that the present physical universe gives too little time for these theories of abiogenesis to get the job done.” He added: „The philosophical question that has not been answered in origin-of-life studies is this: How can a universe of mindless matter produce beings with intrinsic ends, self-replication capabilities, and „coded chemistry”? Here we are not dealing with biology, but an entirely different category of problem.

  3. Marcel
    apr. 13, 2013 @ 10:37:46

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