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Published on Aug 25, 2012 by  (Nu am informatii cu privire la data predicii, s-ar putea sa nu fie chiar asa de recenta dar doar acum a fost incarcata pe Youtube si e extrem de binevenita!)

O realitate a existentei noastre. E un subiect mega important ce Dumnezeu mi-a pus in gand in urma unei experiente cutremuratoare acum doua saptamani. Ce suntem noi Doamne? Umbra si parere. Un suspin de o clipa, iar apoi tacere ce curand ne creste si ne ia pamantul, izvorand ca apa, pierim ca vantul. De aceia vreau sa va vorbesc despre realitatea existentei noastre. Nu a vietii, ca trece dincolo de ea. Vreau sa va vorbesc despre moarte astazi. La ce se intampla la 5 minute dupa moartea ta.

Predica incepe la minutul 40.

IMPORTANT – Am postat predica cu un program care seteaza video ca sa va porneasca la minutul in care incepe predica, dar trebuie sa aveti putina rabdare. Sa asteptati 2-3 minute (5 daca calculatorul merge incet) si apoi sa apasati butonul de pornire din partea stanga, jos de tot a ecranului de video (nu cea din mijlocul ecranului). Atunci video va porni de la minutul 40 unde apare predica.

Pentru cei care doresc sa vizioneze tot programul, apasati pe titlul alb care apare la topul ecranului si va va duce la saitul Youtube cu pagina acestui program. Grupul de inchinare in primele 40 de minute este condus the Alex Tascu si tinerii Bisericii Betel din Bucuresti si canta foarte frumos. Se merita sa vizionati tot programul daca aveti timp.

Dr. P P Job of India – 33 years with International Christian Assoc founded by Richard Wurmbrand passes away

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Links to  articles about Evangelist P P Jobs who among other callings on his life was also the Director of Voice of the Martyrs in India, working closely with Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand for 33 years:

  • Missionaries of the– Peramangalam Porinju Job, an Indian preacher, often referred to as Billy Graham of India, died of heart attack Sunday in Hungary where he had gone on a preaching mission. His age was 76 and he began working as an evangelist in1963, especially among the persecuted Christians in communist and Muslim countries.The UK-based International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, nominated Job as „International Man of the Year” for 2000 – 2001. Job was the president of International Christian Association founded by Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian evangelist who opposed communism. The Indian preacher joined the organization that works for persecuted Christians the world over 33 years ago.
  • The Berean Call – He preached at his son’s funeral Dr. Job often risks his life traveling to encourage Christians in restricted nations.. Dr. Job’s work angered many Hindus. In June of 1999 he was struck in the head with a rock hurled through his car window. A week later as his youngest son, Michael, was walking near the medical school where he was studying, a Fiat driving full speed hit Michael and drove off. Michael fell into a coma and died. Dr Job’s said of Michael’s death, „It’s as if they cut off his right arm’. However, he said, „I will continue to serve God with my left arm”.
  • – Dr Job has worked as an evangelist since 1963, working especially amongst the persecuted church in the Communist and the Muslim world. He was the President of International Christian Association – the worldwide Christian Mission amongst the persecuted believers founded by Rev Richard Wurmbrand. He worked actively in this organisation for 33 years.The very next year after the death (killing) of his son, in 2000, Job began the Michael Job Center to provide a sanctuary for the daughters of martyred persecuted and destitute Christians. Currently there are approximately 500 girls at the Centre who have come from all over India.
  • Indian Christian News Online– Internationally known evangelist and Charismatic preacher Dr PP Job passed away yesterday, August 19, after suffering a massive heart attack. Dr Job (67) was travelling Hungary to preach at a church in Tiszanagyfalu. „A relentless crusader, he was constantly on the move ignoring his own health and he was a true soldier who continued faithful even under adverse conditions,” said Christian columnist MPK Kutty who knew Dr Job since his initial days in Delhi. „With a heavy heart I received the message of Dr Job’s passing away in Hungary. We had known each other since the time I landed in Delhi in 1968 and witnessed his labours in Lord’s vineyard.” „He is a miracle and God’s special creation,” adds Kutty, who eulogises the renowned evangelist as a groundnut vendor and Communist who would „become a modern hero for Jesus Christ in a world that is a still a threat to His disciples”.
  • Dr. PP Job official website – read more about PP Job and his ministries.

Here is video that thanks to BrinksTV, it  is publishing it on the internet:

My life for the girls – Dr. P.P. Job

by  2 days ago

In 2009 we have produced the documentary „The girls of India”. Then in 2012 we have produced another documentary with Dr. P.P. Job. You will get a brief introduction with a flashback to the previous documentary. Bert Dorenbos of Cry for Life Holland is the interviewer. The building in scaffolding was opened in 2009 and now it has his destiny as „Master of Business Administration (MBA)”. What is new added, is a building intended for baby girls aged 0-3 years. Girls are not wanted and instead to kill the girl-child, they will be taken care of. If nobody does it, Dr. Job does.

Unfortunately, seven weeks after the recordings we received sad news. Dr. Job suddenly deceased on August 19th, 2012. At that time, Dr. Job was in a church in Hungary. In the morning he had preached and in the afternoon Dr. Job got a heart failure. We, from the Brink Media Team, know Dr. Job as a humble man of God, a great visionary with grandiose plans, a man expecting miracles of God.
His relation with God and complete trust in God was admirable and an example for many. Not knowing that this was his last tv interviews, we already had given the new documentary the title: „My life for the girls”.

We will miss Dr. Job.

His last words in the interview were:
„All miracles seem exaggerated for people who do not believe, but every miracle is a reality for people who believe in miracles”

Brink Media Team – Foundation Help Persecuted Christians (HVC) – Cry for Life Foundation

My life for the girls – Dr. P.P. Job from BrinkTV on Vimeo.

Funeral information from Mrs. Mary Job:

Thank you all for your messages of condolences, prayerful support and personal visits which enabled me to pass through these days of bereavement following the unexpected demise of my husband.

Dr P.P. Job entered his heavenly abode on Sunday, 19 August 2012 at 18.30hrs (IST) near Budapest, Hungary where he had addressed a Sunday morning gathering at a local church. After lunch while taking rest he had a sudden heart attack. Expert medical help and hospitalization immediately could not revive him.  His mortal remains are being brought to New Delhi tonight, (Saturday 25 August).
The public viewing and funeral of his earthly remains will be conducted as under:

Sunday 26 August 2012

1400 hrs- The Cathedral Church of the Redemption, 1 Church Road North Avenue, New Delhi-11.

Funeral Service led by His Grace Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma, Metropolitan, Mar Thoma Church.

Monday 27 August 2012

1400 hrs- Michael Job Centre, Near Sulur Boat Club, Coimbatore.

Public Viewing and Homage by Michael Job Institutions.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

1600 hrs- York Cemetery, Prithviraj Road, New Delhi.

Mortal remains will be laid to rest.

I request your continued prayers and support for furthering the ministry of Dr. P.P. Job and the Institutions he had nurtured and developed.
Dr Mrs Mary Job

An interview by Petru Amarei of Romanian Television Network (in English):

Dr. Job is the first missionary from India to evangelize different countries spanning the five continents of the world. He has toured 129 nations many times over, spreading the Word of God –preaching often in areas that could have cost him his life.

Dr. Job is the managing director of Sabina Printing Press, the largest Christian printing press in India, which publishes over 3 million pieces of Christian literature every year in 37 languages for distribution worldwide.

Dr. Job has fought many battles in his life but the loss of both of his sons, John and Michael, because they were preachers of Gods word, has been his toughest battle by far. Out of great grief has come extreme joy with the work that has been started in Michael and Johns name. Dr. Job now has approximately  five hundred girls who are from martyred, persecuted or destitute parents.


In India, girls are not as desirable as boys because of the dowry system. Parents of girls are expected to pay a sizable amount of money [dowry] to the family of the man she marries, and that causes a lot of girls to be aborted, or abandoned early in life. Girls who are orphaned have no options, and Christian girls especially have limited hope for a successful life. At the Michael Job Center our girls are all taught that they have value in the eyes of God, and that God loves them.


At this time our family is approximately 500 girls ranging in age from 3 to 23 and more than 50 committed staff who care for, love and teach them.

These Children receive a top notch education, housing and food and most importantly they receive a new lease on life, hope and a future. Many of these children will grow to become the future leaders of India. SOURCE here and here.

While he was most well known for evangelizing the masses in India and the founding of the school for girls, here is a list of other institutions he founded and worked through:

Dr. Job has established the following institutions
1. The Love In Action Society (ESTD. 1972)
Founder & President
2. Tortured For Christ (ESTD. 1973)
Founder & Editor
3. Sabina Printing Press (ESTD. 1976) (Largest printing press in India)
Founder & Managing Director (Named for Sabina Wurmbrand)
4. Christian Medical Centre (ESTD. 1984)
Founder & Director
5. Michael Job Orphanage (ESTD. 2000)
Founder & Director
6. Michael Job Memorial Higher Secondary School for Girls (ESTD. 2003)
Founder & Correspondent
7. Michael Job Memorial College of Education
(B.Ed. & M.Ed.) for Women (ESTD. 2004)
Founder & Chairman
8. Michael Job College of Arts & Science for Women (ESTD. 2005)
Founder & Chairman
9. Dr. Job’s Mission (ESTD. 2003)
Founder & President
10. Dr. Job’s Mission To The Persecuted Church Inc., USA
Founder President
11. Ittianam Enterprises (ESTD. 2008)

Bishop Florin T. Cimpean: Dr. P.P. Job was promoted to glory!

Bishop Florin Cîmpean în misiune în India cu Dr. P.P. Job si o delegatie de Romani

Dr. P. P. Job has been promoted to Glory. I was so honored to have known him for the last several years as man of God and as a true friend. Even though we got to know each other only for the last several years, there was a mysterious connection.
Forty two years ago, Dr. Job visited Romania for the first time. He went there as a messager of  Richard Wurmbrand to visit and inquire about the underground and persecuted church. Because he was not from the West, but from India, he was allowed to enter one of the most draconically controlled countries. It was the year I was born in Romania. Later on, when the communist regime fell in 1989 and Richard Wurmbrand visited Romania for the first time after he was expelled from the country, I was the first one to interview him for the Word of Truth magazine.


When I met Dr. Job for the first time in Chicago, we connected instantly, both standing in the shadow of a great faith giant (Wurmbrand). He became like a father to me and myself as a son, being the about the same age as his older son. As he was adopted by Wurmbrand, he adopted me spiritually. Dr. Job was a disciple of Wurmbrand and he was raised to stand for the underground and persecuted church around the world. Even when the Voice of the Martyrs was in some way taken away from him, he remained the Voice that crys out in the wilderness of the persecuted church, of the oppressed and abandoned, a voice that no one and nothing could silence.
Dr. P.P. Job was a hero for Christians around the world, a model of leadership, a preacher with spirit-charisma, a man of integrity that stood for justice. He was a titan of faith, yet a very humble and a modest man. Like a tree planted on the river shore, he was fruitful and countless crowds benefitted from his gifts. The storms came over his life. He lost his sons, but he never lost the SON. He was sometimes almost crushed, but never defeated. He was a voice for the voiceless and he was a force for the powerless and a provider for the hungry. He travelled across the world to represent those could not represent themselves. He was selflessly giving himself to others.
When he was staying at our house in Chicago, I often had the strange feeling that I am hosting an angel. Now I could testify that he was a messenger of God for a world in crisis.
Bishop Florin Cimpean marching at
the Rally for Indian Abolition of Girl/Child Discrimination
Dr. P. P. Job stood for life, for the persecuted church, for orphans, for the oppressed, for the helpless, for the gospel and ultimately for Christ. Now Christ stands for Him. The heaven is welcoming home a human being that belongs to a better world, God’s world. Welcome home, Saint. I lost a father, a friend, a partner. The heaven gained a Saint.
He was long due for a promotion. Dr. P. P. Job was promoted to Glory!
Bishop Florin T. Cimpean

Ruth Tomuta: Dr. P.P. Job remembered as a Light

Ruth Tomuta cu Rev. Ilie Tomuta si Dr. PP Job in India –

To simply call Dr. P.P. Job an evangelist, would be to tragically demerit his name and life long devotion to God.

Or even yet—to call him the Billy Graham of India, the “International Man of the Year 2000-2001” (nominated by The International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, United Kingdom), the President of the International Christian Association, the Director of the Sabina Printing Press. a preacher to over 129 nations, an author, and also a pioneer of over eleven Christian institutions— to call Dr. P.P. Job by these titles would not do him justice.

I remember the first time Dr. P.P. Job came to preach at Philadelphia Romanian Church of God; he spoke about justice. He read from what he reffered to as hisbook (the Book of Job), and he proclaimed with all power and passion that God was a God of justice. He said, with now tears forming in his eyes, that although he has lost his two beautiful sons and ultimately everything dear to him, he believes that every decision God makes is the correct one and he will never cease to worship God and proclaim His love. He was definitely a true bearer of the name Job.

And this is how Dr. P.P. Job should be remembered: as a Light that never ceased to shine the Glory of God.

            “No one after lighting a lamp covers it with a jar or puts it under a bed, but puts it on a stand, so that those who eneter may see the light” (Luke 8:16)… Dr. Job was a true light of our Lord Jesus Christ, in that he not only lit up rooms with his smile and God’s love, but he lit up all of India. Saving girls and children from India’s perverted streets and beliefs, he lit up the faces of now over 500 orphan girls. He supported them and brought them up with the utmost care and attention. Like a beacon, he never ceased to shine and just like Job, he never seemed to waver in the storms.

            “Walk as children of light” (Ephesians 5:8b)… The best part about Dr. P.P. Job, that you can never fully grasp from merely his titles, is howpure and childlike he was. Though he was the founder and the father of hundreds of young orphan children, he played and laughed with them as if he was their best friend. His smile was always pleasantly genuine. Most importantly, Dr. Job displayed an unflatering faith and trust in God, a quality and child-like nature which Jesus often spoke about.

When others saw India as a corrupt and barren land, Job trusted God to provide a spring of hope. One of his favorite stories to share was how a baby girl, who now lives and studies at the Michael Job Center, was found burried alive. Her head was barely peaking above the ground when she was discovered. Job knew that she was more than just an abondoned girl, she was a root of hope, growing between millions of other un-noticeable sprouting flowers. Job looked at a nation of poverty and death, and just like an innocent child of God, he dreamt of miracles and and wonderous possibilities.

“And in all the land there were no women so beautiful as Job’s daughters” (Job 42:15)… Dr. P.P. Job’s orphanage, now blossoms with new girls everyday, and no one can deny that they are the most precious and beautiful girls India has ever seen. Abandoned babes, neglected young girls, beaten, forgotten and outcast women, regardless of what they have been through, these girls will never stop smiling or singing songs of praise to our mighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You can tell that they are truly the daughters of Dr. P.P. Jobnothing can extengish their lights or keep them down for too long! Dr. P.P. Job called them the future Great Lady of India. (So don’t fret my dear girls over the loss of your great father job, for he is heaven’s gain.)

            “And let them be lights in the expanse of the heavens to give lightupon the earth.’ And it was so” (Genesis 1:15)… Although Dr. P.P. Job now resides peacefully in heaven, he continues to give light upon the earth. He will forever be a light in the expanses of the skies and his love will never be forgotten…


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