Catalyst Atlanta 2012 – David Platt, Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, Nick Vujicic and many others October 3-5

Visit CatalystConference.comAccording to it’s history page info, the Catalyst Conference was conceived by Andy Stanley and several other leaders in 1999 and is specifically focused on Christian leaders under the age of 40.
Catalyst is a powerful gathering of young leaders, a movement of influencers and world changers who love Jesus, see things differently, and feel a burden for our generation. We seek to learn, worship and create together with a momentous energy passionately pursuing God. (source here)

For more information or to register (there is a fee) visit the Catalyst 2012 website – Two other Catalyst Conferences have been announced- One in Dallas in the spring of 2013 (date to be determined) and another on the West Coast (city to be determined) April 17-19, 2013.

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