The History of Christianity Part 2

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See part 1 here – The History of Christianity Part 1

Christianity: The Second Thousand Years, has a 20 minute review of what was on the first disc and continues the story to 2000, when the documentary was updated, ending with subjects such as Televangelism, Martin Luther King, Jr, Vatican II (the 21st Ecumenical Council) and South American Catholic „Liberation theology”.

Persons and events mentioned in film: The New Sect (a review of what’s found in first part), the Dark Ages (continuing the review: barbarians and Islam threatened Europe from the 8th century on), Reformation, The Crusades, Constantinople Falls, The Protestants, Martin Luther [John Calvin], The Eastern Church, The Renaissance, The New World, The Methodists, Christianity in America, Napoleon, Doctrine of Faith, The Modern Age, Missionaries, The Mormons, The Evangelists, The Black Church, The Church today.

Length: 3 hours  VIDEO by poftc

Part 1

Part 2

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