De la Conferinta Bisericilor lui Dumnezeu Iulie 2012

Voi posta o predica transcrisa din Limba Engleza recomandata de Pastorul Cornel Ilioi. Daca doriti sa ascultati/vizionati predica in video faceti click pe acest link –

De notat: La minutul 82 Superintendentul Church of God, Dr. Culpepper declara ca singurul mod in care vom implini marea trimitere a lui Hristos e daca ne unim si lucram impreuna. Ne anunta ca statisticile dovedesc ca se intampla o mare trezire pe glob, in fiecare 25 de minute se intorc la Dumnezeu 3000 de suflete. Apoi face introducere la mai multi vizitatori speciali printre care este si George O. Wood, Superintendentul de la Assemblies of God impreuna cu Dl Arledge (Chief Operating Officer Assemblies of God) Dr Garrison Executive Director of US Missions, impreuna cu Niki Pop si Alex Sangeorzan (tot de la Assemblies of God)la minutul 86:00 (1 ora 26 min).

Bishop Ishmael Prince Charles este Pastorul Bisericii New Testament Church of God International Worship Center,  in Baughers Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, o biserica cu 800 de membrii.

PREDICA lui ISHMAEL PRINCE CHARLES incepe la minutul 90 (1 ora 30 min):

I was preaching once in Leicester England, there were probably 3,000 to 4,000 young people at that youth convention and I looked and I got so scared that the only thing I remembered was ‘hallelujah’. And, I thought I remembered, maybe it was at Lee University, „Every time you say the word ‘hallelujah’ you are bringing down one kingdom and you’re lifting up another kingdom.” If you catch that, it’s not a hype. Tonight, there are kingdoms in this house that will try to elevate themselves over the kingdom of God. But, tonight we are here to lift up the name of Jesus, above every other name. His name is power, His name is glorious. His name is excellent. The Lord, our God is in this place.

The Church of God is going through what we are calling ‘one of the toughest times in history’, but I declare to you that we are going to rise again. Thank God for yesterday, but our brightest days are ahead of us. There is a reason why we’re going through something, there is a reason we see theologians and philosophical people doing all this stuff. There’s a reason for doom and gloom. There’s a reason for why we pray the way we pray. There’s a reason for the hysterical bombardment and all the boredom that we see and the reason is this: We are about to go through a perfect storm. Because our God is perfect. So tonight here is the key statement you must catch in this message. Get it: There’s a powerful spiritual force that is about to be released on the earth, over the church. It will shake the very foundations of the kingdom of darkness and the church will rise again. Get ready to receive this power! Get ready to stand up and declare again, „Jesus Christ is Lord of all!”

We know the story in Joshua 1, where God Himself spoke to the servant Joshua Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them—to the Israelites. I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. The missionaries that are here tonight, God has positioned. God has positioned the Church of God to take back territories all over the world. Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the great river, the Euphrates—all the Hittite country—to the Mediterranean Sea in the west. No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. How many of you know tonight that God is with us?

I want to say to the people of God tonight, „God’s word is saying to somebody: ‘Be strong in these hard, turbulent times'”. Why? Because God is with us! I want to give you a word tonight and it is simple, „It’s time to rise again!” In spite of what the enemy is saying. We have seen it tonight with our missionaries.

(1) It’s time to rise again, but in the power of the pure Word

The problem that I have found out is this: We have deviated from the Bible.

We have deviated from the power of the purity of this book. That’s why we have so many problems. There is no money shortage or power shortage in the kingdom. We are diverted. We have moved away from the power of the Word. The Bible says, „In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God.” And the Word is God Himself!

God told Joshua to meditate. The problem we have… Can I just be myself here? … A bunch of preachers are preaching ‘donkey heads’ instead of the Word. Preaching people’s business, instead of the Word. Preaching gossip and all sorts of modern day mess instead of the Word. Preach the Word! It’s time for the Word again. Let’s get back to the Word.

WHat I have found in this word is the very character of God, the essence of the qualities of God that tells me how to live. How many know that we are pentecostals? I was a little baptist boy, 14 1/2 years old on the island of St. Vincent. One night I heard a Church of God of prophecy preacher and he spoke in tongues on the roadside. I said, „God, if that thing is right, I need it”. I went home, knelt at my mother’s bedside and my lips started trembling. My tongue was stuck in my mouth. I couldn’t talk properly. What came out of my mouth, I couldn’t understand it, but it was so sweet. God understood what I was saying. He baptized me in the Holy Ghost. We are pentecostals. Something more than what ought to be seen must happen. If we have the power of this book, something must be wrong.

I love the missionaries of the field, because when they go in the field they have to stand on the word. The miracle we heard and saw from Zambia tonight is because the pure power of the Word. There is power in this Word. There;s life in this world. There’s glory in this Word.

(2) It’s time to rise again out of our competitive jealousy

Competitive jealousy is causing us not to live in the Word. The devil is the instigator of competitive jealousy. He empowers agencies to destroy and blocks the anointing. But the power of the Word is by the Holy Spirit outpouring, it’s what empowers us. There’s a problem in the church. One of the major pitfalls that blocks the missionary operation,  that block the local church from arriving at its destiny of greatness is competitive jealousy.

It stands behind the pulpit. It sings in the choir. It sits in the bands, on the usher boards, it sits on the pastor’s counsel board. The power of the enemy comes down, it’s a secret killer. It’s a spirit that says, „Why do they prefer him over me?” When bitterness overtakes a christian, it leads to nothing else but an empty self that depends only on the devil’s agencies. Competitive jealousy has a root in the preference over one another.

And we have leaders who lead by intimidation, manipulation, victimization and discrimination. Tonight the church of God is going to rise out of this spirit. The leaders must be raised up again to lead with love, to lead with joy. Come out of this spirit of competitive jealousy, there’s too much of it in the church. Let’s rise up out of competitive jealousy, the same spirit that overcame Cain and Saul.

Our present position is not an indication of our future potential in God.

(3) It’s time to rise again and come to grips with ourselves 

We must begin to understand that we must not lead by the enemy’s plan.It is time to return to true biblical, pentecostal spirituality. I want to read something to you: „The church today wants to be everything, rather than the people of God. That’s why we have an identity crisis. The church needs to constantly have the Gospel afresh in this culturally driven society. The church has an anemic epistemology today, hermeneutics of suspicion; we are prone to doubt what God is doing. We need to get back to the power of Pentecost. Peter and John did not doubt the power of Pentecostal spirituality.

Peter and John said, „Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” What they had, the apostles gave. The problem is that most of the people today have nothing to give, because they’re full of themselves… Empty vessels standing behind the pulpits. Grudge, hatred, envy, malice, preaching every Sunday…

The Bible said, when the lame man got healed he  started leaping, shouting and jumping when Peter healed him. Arise and leap and jump. When was the last time in your church that you’ve seen arising? When a church possesses pentecostal spirituality there’s nothing that can stop you from rising. Why is it that we are not seeing the recovery? Because the church has become a consumer item. The church has become what is called in theology a tithing unit. We see the church now, instead of walking with God, the church becomes an emblem of consumer mentality, where sometimes, we just consume in the church instead of having power.

The problem with Pentecostals is that they have compartmentalized their lives. They don’t see their whole lives under the leadership of Christ. This is why so many preachers, great leaders are falling. Because we separate Scripture from its ethics. We separate facts by values. We separate personal faith and say it should be a private matter. But, in this western culture, I’m calling you back. They say the neutrality of all knowledge is a deception of the devil. The essential biblical spirituality is that ‘Now is the time to rise again!’ The church is not just a tithing unit for a consumer relationship. The church is a place of divine capability. The church is a place where the power of God resides, where the sick must be healed, the lost must be saved!

Pastor Ishmael Prince Charles concludes with a poignant story he heard of a young woman, who had a dream when she was 12 years old that she would have a child and the Lord told her what to name him. Something strange happened. A man came to her village and this young girl, who was now 15 told the man, „Pastor, I was already a christian the night I got pregnant in a one night stand. She said I was studying to be a school teacher and now my life is a mess. I am just about to have an abortion”. The holy spirit, speaking through the pastor, said, „Don’t touch the child. I need him”. She brought the child into the world and she said her grandmother kicked her out. She lived by the roadside, in a shack. The child was born in a shack and he contracted pneumonia and asthma. At the point of his last breath, close to death she put him down and arranged his hands to his side. She was so poor she lay him in the street. She said she sat there, a lonely teenager, crying and the same voice spoke and said, „Pick up the dying child, take him to the river and dip him 3 times and the boy shall live”. She said she was so frightened, there was such a bright light. The voice said again, „Pick up the child”. She looked and picked him up and slung the boy over her shoulder. She walked about a mile to the cold, running river and dipped the child in the water 3 times. And the little boy got up and breathed again. That little boy is me.

It is time for you to rise out of your story.

You can watch the message, which starts at the 1 hr 30 min mark here-

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