Lecții pentru viață, 39 de predici Vladimir Pustan LIVE pe Radio Ciresarii de la Biserica Betania Arad

Vezi PAGINA Vladimir Pustan PREDICI aici

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Lecții pentru viață, predici Vladimir Pustan

Într-o perioadă în care confuzia şi disperarea pătrund prea lesne în lumea creştinului, Biblia rămâne singurul reazem solid. Inspirate din Cuvântul lui Dumnezeu şi concepute pentru vremurile de  astăzi, “Lecţiile pentru viaţă” prezentate săptămânal de Vladimir Pustan ne vor însufleţi serile de miercuri.

Din 19 septembrie, în fiecare miercuri seara, la ora 18:00, vom transmite mesajul biblic al pastorului Vladimir Pustan, din biserica Betania din Arad și de la ora 18.30 LIVE pe Radio Ciresarii.
Predicile predicate la Biserica Betania Arad-Gradiste:

Predici tinute in Biserica Penticostala BETANIA – Arad
predici tinute in Biserica BETANIA Arad
1. De ce ne cad copiii pe fereastra?
2. Painea corbilor
3. Prioritatile vietii
4. Tari in fata unui cuptor
5. Si ele vorbesc
6. Ce poti face cu o galeata
7. De ce sa spalam picioare
8. Ziua in care mi-am vazut sfarsitul lumii
9. Ceasul desteptator
10. Invatand de la un stergar
11. Invatand de la cinci pietre
12. Invatand de la talhari
13. Unde sa privesti in vremuri tulburi
14. Ce invatam de la o stea
15. Trei sfaturi pentru noul an – 2013
16. Lectii din iad
17. Lectii de la o cina ratata
18. Invatand din boala
19. Negru inaintea ochilor
20. O mama pentru oameni mari…
21. De ce rugaciuni fara raspuns
22. Fugi, Iona, fugi!
23. Obstacole pe drumul binecuvantarii
24. Ce invatam de la crucea lui Hristos
25. Luptand cu depresia
26. Lectii dintr-un cimitir
27. Invatand de la un orb
28. O plasa goala
29. Invataturi de la Marea Trimitere
30. Cand apare Isus
31. Ce invatam de la un toiag
32. Lectii dintr-o inchisoare
33. Asteptand o zi cu nori
34. In camera de asteptare
35. Lectii de la biserica primara
36. Ce putem invata bun de la Diavolul
37. Drumul spre intuneric

1. Inchinarea care costa I.
2. Inchinarea care costa II.

How does the Trinity affect all doctrine? Tim Keller, John Piper, D A Carson

We’re tempted to take the doctrine of the Trinity for granted. But there is scarcely any belief unaffected when we get the Trinity wrong.

In this video: Don Carson, John Piper, Tim Keller

Only the Triune God Is Love from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

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From The Mystery of the Trinity Teaching Series from Ligonier Ministries


Tim Keller answers questions at Oxford (6) Last video in the series

Photo source http://www.marchofmorn.com

Watch the other videos (or read some notes) at these links:

You can visit ThisisJesus.org for more resources. And http://www.oiccu.co.uk/ OICCU also recommends-  bethinking.org as a great apologetics site, as well as uccf.org.uk

In every session (video) Tim Keller set aside the last half hour to answer questions texted by students in attendance. IN this last one, the entire session (45 min) is a free form session of questions & answers.

Uploaded by  on Feb 11, 2012

Tim Keller answers questions from Oxford students texted in on the Saturday lunchtime of „This is Jesus”, OICCU’s 2012 main event. These are the questions asked by the Oxford students:

  1. What does Christianity believe about other religions and do we call people of there religions our brothers & sisters? (min 4)
  2. I’m gay and I want to be a Christian. On the two, following Christ and this human innate desire for intimacy and companionship appear to be mutually exclusive. What is your advice? (8 min)
  3. Why does the Bible make no mention of evolution, or life on other planets or make no distinction between animals that were present before it was written? (17 min)
  4. Yesterday you said that the wages of sin are death. Can you explain what you meant by that? (19 min)
  5. How is the God of love the same one who commands the extermination of whole ethnic groups? (min 23)
  6. Can religion be explained simply as a product of social evolution? (29 min)
  7. How can I be sure that Christ has entered my life? (31 min)
  8. The Christians in the Crusades justified some of their actions because they saw armies of angels with them and heard God telling them what to do. They backed this up with testimonies of many eyewitness. Is this not the same as justifying the Bible by many eyewitnesses who saw Jesus after he died? If the people in the Crusades were mistaken why were the eyewitness of Jesus not? (min 36)

AUDIO links for all sessions here:

  1. A Skeptical Student Encounters Jesus
  2. The Insider and the Outcast Encounter Jesus
  3. Two Grieving Sisters Encounter Jesus
  4. A Wedding Party Encounters Jesus
  5. The First Christian Encounters Jesus
  6. Tim Keller Responds to Oxford’s Questions

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