Matt Chandler – The Message Acts 29 Boot Camp 2012

Matt Chandler address at an Acts 29 venue the day after he became President of Acts29, in place of Mark Driscoll, the former President of Acts29. In this message he discusses the fact that ‘God saves’.

Some brief highlights:

  • Unfortunately, for all of us in pastoral ministry, it’s not uncommon for us to fall into the rhythm of routine. And for all the majesty in the fact that God is taking dead people and making them alive, and using our fumbling and bumbling, and moronic brokenness to do that, ceases to leave us in tears and in awe. When all of a sudden the ministry is on our back, we fail and that’s when we shipwreck stuff. So, I want to get you to Romans 8 to get that weight off of you and get it on who it goes on to.
  • Romans 8 is a great chapter because there’s parts of the chapter that evangelicalism as a whole, loves verse 28, and they love 31 through 39, don’t they? The problem is both of those are held together by the verses they don’t like. And, I’m gonna spend my time on the verses they don’t like in the hopes that you can see how spectacular those verses actually are because here’s why I feel sad in my heart. Those verses that are so popular, get completely hollowed out by ignoring those verses in between.

Romans 8:28- And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose. We love that one. Now look at where He goes next- For those whom He called He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, in order that he might be the firstborn from  among the brothers. Now, that’s where things get problematic.

  • You use either one of those and some people can lose their minds – and I wanna be straight- from some historically valid reasons.So, let’s not gloss over the idiocy that has surrounded a lot of reformed theology. Listen, our creed is not TULIP. Our creed is Christ! So, you wanna start arguing definitive atonement as a „this means you’re in” and „if you’re not, you’re out„, I think you’ve made a fool of yourself. Now, do I think you’re a fool if you believe definitive, limited atonement? Not at all. Do I think that’s the litmus test of faithfulness? NO. And to make it so is a weird stance. „You can only be my brother if you’re here”. Four (point calvinist)? Then we can’t have fellowship, brother. I mean, that’s just crazy, just calm down man.
  • Cause here’s my opinion: What I’ve learned at The Village (Matt’s church) is that people constrained under the weight of legalism, when they hear about liberty, if they’re not careful, they’ll run 140 miles an hour right into license (to do). So what happens, when you haven’t heard a lot of transcendence, and all of a sudden you hear „This is how big HE is. This is how massive and mighty He is, then, all of a sudden you spring out of the gate and anyone who doesn’t see how you see is a fool and an idiot and doesn’t really believe fully in christianity- EVEN THOUGH YOU JUST FOUND OUT! All of a sudden, you’re waving a flag that you’ve just found and it hadn’t been waving at all and all of a sudden it’s all that matters and I’m just pleading with you: Calm down. Are we reformed in our soteriology? Yes, because the Bible is. But, is that the gate of brotherhood in regards to the kingdom? No. No. Do not hear me saying I don’t think it’s important. At the Village Church our people get told, „This is what we believe about how God saves”. You need to know that so I’m not preaching a sermon 4 months from now and you go, „What????”
  • Matt talks about Foreknowledge and predestination starting at minute 14

„The Message” :: Matt Chandler :: 2012 Dallas Boot Camp from Acts 29 Network on Vimeo.

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