Interviu cu Marius Livanu Episcopul Bisericilor romane din Italia

Liderul Bisericilor Penticostale din Italia si Pastorul Biserici Philadelphia-Mansuè, Italia.

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28 August 2012 Marius Livanu – Slujire

Chișinău, Republica Moldova

Published on Sep 3, 2012 by  Predică Marius Livanu. Biserica Penticostală Filadelfia

  • In primul rand slujirea este o datorie, o obligatie. Asta nu o inteleg multi.
  • De multe ori venim inaintea Domnului si ii spunm ce n-am facut. Dar, de fapt, de am facut noi pentru El ?
  • Slujirea nu este doar moralitate. Slujirea inseamna sa tededici lui Dumnezeu, sa-L slujesti pe Dumnezeu cu ceea ce ti-a dat, cu calitatile, cu darurile care le-ai primit de la Dumnezeu.

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Marius Livanu si Ovidiu Liteanu la Biserica Maranata, Verona, Italia in 2011

Repere prin Cartea Daniel cu Valer Brancovan Partea III


photo –

Vezi Partea I si II aici:

  1. Repere prin Cartea Daniel cu Valer Brancovan Partea I Discutie despre escatologie, curentele de teologie a zilelor noastre, o introducere a cartii Daniel si studiu (informal) din capitolele 1-5.
  2. Repere prin Cartea Daniel cu Valer Brancovan Partea II Discutia continua despre interpretarea cartii Daniel

Notite din introducerea din Partea III-a, Pastorul Valer Brancovan:

Daniel a fost mai constient ca oricine mostenirea spirituala care continea previziuni mesianice. Cred ca pe aceia vizati care si-au cunoscut Biblia (Vechiul Testament) au inteles ce s-a scris acolo: este un Dumnezeu care judeca, Osea sau alte carti care au fost inainte, Amos, nu cred ca Daniel nu le-a avut. Evreii au venit cu Talmudul in Babilon, interpretari pentru Tora care le-a luat in departari. Nu mai aveau un templu si jertfe dar aveau Tora. Pavel spune in Romani 3 despre evrei ca lor li s-a incredintat original oracolele, cuvintele lui Dumnezeu. (durata lecturii 3 ore)

Pastorul Valeriu Brancovan,Victory Romanian Church, Sacramento, California:

Seminar 3 – Cartea Daniel cu Pastor Valer Brancovan from Metanoia Timisoara on Vimeo.

Daca aveti problem cu vimeo, accesati acest video in formatul Youtube aici

Speranta – Turneul din Spania si Germania 4-21 Octombrie 2012 (Programul zilnic) de la Titel Malnasi via Paul Ion

Link –

Aici este programul zilnic:


Sub genericul „Siguranta Vietii Eterne”, Grupul Speranta va sustine mai multe programe de muzica crestina in Europa.

Turneul de muzica si misiune va incepe in data de 4 octombrie in Germania si va continua cu localitati din Spania dupa programul afisat mai jos.

Din componenta echipei misionare vor face parte Gabriel Gorcea, Radu Almasan, Emma si Cristi Repede, Adela si Ionut Craciun, Andreea si Andrei Mois, Sebi Hutan, Titel Malnasi si Marcy Melinte.

In intervalul 5-14 octombrie se va alatura echipei fratele evanghelist Natanael Costeacare va predica din Cuvantul Domnului. De asemenea, fratele pastor Gabriel Zagrean va sustine mesaje biblice in cadrul programelor dintre 15-19 octombrie.

JOI 4.10.2012 Stuttgart, Germania 19:00 Centrul Crestin Live  Kaintl str. 53, 70569, Busnau
VINERI  5.10.2012 Vilanova i la Geltru Spania 20:30 Biserica Penticostala Emanuel C/Solicrup N 5
SAMBATA 6.10.2012 Roquetas del Mar Spania 17:00 Biserica Penticostala Maranata Avenida Pablo Picaso nrº91
DUMINICA 7.10.2012 Roquetas del Mar Spania 9:00 Biserica Penticostala Elim Plaza Canailla nrº1
DUMINICA 7.10.2012 Roquetas del Mar Spania 18:00 Biserica Penticostala Speranta Calle Lorca nrº18-19
LUNI 8.10.2012 Motril
21:00 Biserica Penticostala Betezda Calle Julio Rey Pastor nrº41
MARTI 9.10.2012 Malaga
20:30 Espanoles Iglesia Pentecostal de Malaga Plaza Hospital Civil
MIERCURI 10.10.2012 Ontinient
20:30 Biserica Penticostala Betel C/Musico Martinez Valls N 14
JOI 11.10.2012 Benidorm
20:30 Biserica Penticostala Eben Ezer C/L’Aiguera N 13
VINERI 12.10.2012 Azuqueca de Henares – Spania 21:00 Biserica Penticostala Betesda C/Toledo N 18
SAMBATA 13.10.2012 Madrid
18:00 Biserica Penticostala Harul C/Erchilla N 48
DUMINICA 14.10.2012 Arganda del Rey Spania 10:00 Biserica Penticostala Muntele Sionului C/Camino del Sepulcro N 7
DUMINICA 14.10.2012 Campo de Criptana Spania 18:00 Biserica Penticostala Eben Ezer C/Puerte Lapice N 6
LUNI 15.10.2012 Tarancon
20:30 Biserica Penticostala Elim Calle Santa Clara
MARTI 16.10.2012 Toledo
20:30 Biserica Penticostala Betel C/Las Suertes N 9
Pol. Ind . Las Suertes, Olias del Rey (Toledo)
MIERCURI 17.10.2012 La Roda
20:00 Biserica Penticostala Muntele Sionului Avda. de Tarazona N 33-35
JOI 18.10.2012 Alcanar
20:30 Biserica Penticostala Maranata Camin Carrero S/N
VINERI 19.10.2012 Zaragoza
20:00 Biserica Penticostala Betania C/Veintitres de Abril N 13B
SAMBATA 20.10.2012 Girona
19:00 Biserica Penticostala Elim C/Sant Isidre N 48
DUMINICA 21.10.2012 Lleida
10:00 Biserica Penticostala Alfa si Omega Pol. Ind. Entrevias, N 8
DUMINICA 21.10.2012 Castellon del Plana Spania 18:00 Biserica Penticostala Eben Ezer Pol. Ind. Acceso Sur, C/Francia N 3 – 12000

The life of Greg Laurie – Lost Boy – Full documentary

Greg Laurie has written a book on his life story and has recently posted part 1 of the film ‘Lost boy’ which is based on the book.

Published on Sep 21, 2012 by  Documenting the family history leading up to his birth, as well as his early childhood and teenage life, this week’s episode gives a glimpse into Pastor Greg’s troubled early years. Through it all, one message stands out above all others: God is in the business of finding those who are lost.

Greg Laurie webcasts page –

Part 1

Part 2


Carl Trueman at SBTS (4) Panel discussion (from the Luther lectures)


Southern Seminary SBTS Panel with Carl Trueman, Dan Dumas, and Michael Haykin. Unlike the three lectures which were all on the subject of Luther, this discussion turns to seminaries and their role in the spiritual formation of the students.

A few of the points discussed:

  • What about Spiritual formation as something within the curriculum (that pervades the curriculum) instead of as a separate discipline in the seminaries?

Michael Haykin: Biblical spirituality is the teaching and the communication of biblical truth about the way in which we draw near to God, then He is drawn near to us. It is therefore rooted deeply in the cross and the meritorious work and life of Jesus Christ and is conveyed to us by the Holy Spirit. And so, it’s reflecting about theology, which has to be there as a foundation, that is why the recent interest in spirituality in evangelical circles ( a la Dallas Willard and Richard Foster) which doesn’t lay religious doctrinal foundations is problematic. So it’s definitely got biblical foundations, building on that, showing and teaching how we appropriate the riches that are in Christ via prayer, bible meditation,  and the other things we describe as spiritual disciplines that are a means of grace.

(16 min) There has been a significant collapse of patterns of piety established at the reformation, honed through the puritan period, still in place there, among evangelicals in the 18th and early 19th century, but then have collapsed completely in the 20th century.

Carl Trueman: The sheer size of seminaries today imposes limitations on how we can form individual students as christians. And that’s where I can see again, the church coming into play. Certainly, when I stand up in front of the class I can model a certain kind of christianity to my students. But, I think the primary place where spirituality is formed has to be the church. It also goes back yo my fear that the parachurch (seminaries included) supplants the church

  • Concerns about the overall trends in the evangelical circles, primarily about what the church should be doing being passed down to parachurch ministries (such as seminaries).
  • Sometimes spiritual formation gets very narrowly defined by seminaries in a way that can be somewhat self serving. We should not make the attendance of chapel compulsory. We have a different profile of student than we had even, say 30 years ago. Lots of our students are working their way through seminary and I’m not sure the person who had to go to chapel at 10:30 in the morning is doing something more meritorious and forming than coming off night shift, straight to my 8:30 class, then going home to see his wife.

Panel Discussion from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.

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