Al Mohler on Halloween

What to do about Halloween and your kids? Dr. Mohler writes about its roots and also notes the fact that there is a difference between celebrating a holiday like Halloween vs. the Christmas holiday:

While affirming that make-believe and imagination are part and parcel of God’s gift of imagination, Christians should still be very concerned about the focus of that imagination and creativity. Arguing against Halloween is not equivalent to arguing against Christmas. The old church festival of “All Hallow’s Eve” is by no means as universally understood among Christians as the celebration of the incarnation at Christmas.

and he calls on parents to make careful decisions on what their children celebrate:

Christian parents should make careful decisions based on a biblically-informed Christian conscience. Some Halloween practices are clearly out of bounds, others may be strategically transformed, but this takes hard work and may meet with mixed success.

The coming of Halloween is a good time for Christians to remember that evil spirits are real and that the Devil will seize every opportunity to trumpet his own celebrity.

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  1. Chris - Delight in Truth
    oct. 29, 2012 @ 21:29:44

    Rodi, what do you think about churches having kids get together on Halloween night?

    • rodi
      oct. 29, 2012 @ 22:16:57

      I think that as long as they don’t call it Halloween something, and they are not in fact celebrating Halloween, that it could work in removing the temptation that kids have to trick or treat just because they can acquire some candy. But the kids should be taught that the celebration of Halloween is wrong, and why it is wrong to bring homage to such a dark, pagan holiday. When our kids were in the primary grades, they were the only ones not going to school in costume and they understood the reason for this and it helped that their Sunday School teachers reinforced that, as well. However, we bought them candy and told them that our non-celebration had nothing to do with denying them candy.

      Most kids are only interested in the candy, as far as the holiday goes. And we can’t just tell our kids that it’s a sin to eat candy on Oct. 31, because that is not true. Nor, is it a sin to get kids together on that night. Parents know what works best for their children. If perhaps our child is not invited to some get together and they are very upset, normally as parents we would do something else with them in order to help them cope with their disappointment. I think the same goes with this Halloween holiday if a child is very upset about not participating in it. If needed, we help them cope in some other way, because if we don’t, I have seen children brought up in a very legalistic upbringing (‘because I said so‘ being the answer to every rule a father gave) go extremely wild when they hit their teen years. We have to be truthful with our kids and not make up extra biblical rules which they will later use as a crutch to discard all they have been taught because they no longer trust us as parents.

      PS nice to see your blog up and running! Great title – Spread the truth!!!

      • Chris - Delight in Truth
        oct. 29, 2012 @ 22:53:50

        I think that is a good approach to children and Halloween. Actually a lot of parents do not want to be home on Halloween night due to trick-or-treaters, so going to a non-Halloween church event is ideal.

        • gabi bogdan
          oct. 30, 2012 @ 00:16:39

          hmm… „I think that is a good approach to children and Halloween”
          Hmm that is from „Chris – Delight in Liberal Truth” 🙂

          • rodi
            oct. 30, 2012 @ 13:18:53

            Gabi, I am very curious to hear your take on this. And in response to Chris I was referring to smaller age children, because those are the impressionable kids that are most affected by this so called holiday.

  2. gabi bogdan
    oct. 31, 2012 @ 00:07:23

    hmmmm…… we dont celebrate … my kids dont like this ” devilday” 🙂 ( 12 and 9) … going to church dressed up as angels or cats…. eh …. a word comes to mind: „adiaphora”
    It is the job of a church to provide alternatives ? No…. But when it come to providing alternatives for Kids? Maybe …
    I have a bunch of Gospel tracks … i am thinking of opening the door and handing candies and Gospel Tracks … got to ask the rest of the family for their opinion

    • rodi
      oct. 31, 2012 @ 09:41:18

      that’s my point too, that we don’t celebrate a day honoring pagan practices and Satan’s powers. If the church is celebrating Halloween then it’s no different then just sending the kids ‘trick or treating’. But, for those of us who don’t live behind a fence that keeps kids from ringing your doorbell every few seconds, it is better to just go out and do something else with the kids. That’s what Chris and I were talking about.

      We did the gospel tracts one year too, it actually was a testimony to our close neighbors that we don’t usually see any other time. The great thing this year is that there are probably 95% less decorated homes for Halloween than before. So the economy has impacted in a positive way here. We don’t see all these pathetic hanging stuffed shirts hanging from trees like before. So in a sense there is much less visible celebrating this culture of death that this pagan holiday tends to espouse.

      You know, not too far from the cities, out in the rural areas they have a better grasp and do so many activities for kids that don’t involve the culture of death, and they start them in September. There are farms and then there are apple picking farms that even adults have fun at. Or there are botanical gardens that have activities. And it doesn’t have to be done on Halloween per se. But, as I said, establishing trust with our kids is very important and they will understand and believe you if they see that you do do not only educational but also fun things with them, that you are not objecting to something that might be fun (i.e. collecting free candy) but that as a parent your problem is that honoring this culture of death can open up doors to some terrible hidden things.

  3. rodi
    oct. 30, 2014 @ 07:02:07

    Reblogged this on agnus dei – english + romanian blog and commented:

    Dr. Al Mohler writes about the difference in celebrating a holiday such as Christmas and one such as Halloween, from 2 years ago.

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