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The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon

Although many of us may not encounter a person of the mormon faith, it is good to know how it differs from christianity and to be prepared to share our own faith with respect and based on knowledge rather than caricatures and misunderstandings. We have come to meet (i.e. see through the media during this election cycle) that there are some very moral and upright Mormons living out their faith in the public square. So, therefore it is important to know and understand the real difference between our faiths. Most devout people of different faith truly believe in the teachings of their faith and so we do need a basic understanding of the tenets of their own faith in order to talk to them about our own faith in Jesus Christ. This video is just one small step in that understanding on a subject this blog has never broached before.

English: Title page of a 1830 copy of The Book...

English: Title page of a 1830 copy of The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This video is made by Living Hope Ministries, a ministry of exmormons who in many cases still have spouses and family members who are Mormons and the video is intended to show the difference between christianity and mormonism. I think it’s a helpful tool in understanding these differences in the even that you would have a conversation with someone who is of the Mormon faith. Is the Book of Mormon based on something historical? Does the text tell a true story of the past? And can someone believe it spiritually? An in depth look at how the Book of Mormon was written.
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