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Proverbe 11
11:12a ”Cine defaimă pe aproapele său este fără minte…”

Bârfa = când auzi ceva ce-ți place despre cineva care nu îți place.
Bârfa = când două persoane vorbesc de o a treia care nu-i de față.
Bârfa = crimă.

Bârfa se poate trata vorbind pozitiv despre oameni, găsind în fiecare ceva ceresc.V l a d i m i r _ P u s t a n

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Florin Ianovici – Viata crestina este o ingenunchere intre lighean si stergar

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Adevarul ramane adevar indiferent de pozitia in care te aduce viata si de ceea ce faci. Viata lui Isus nu arata grozav atunci cand il vezi ingenuncheat, cu stergarul, langa picioarele murdare, in fata unor ucenici care il vor trada si unul il va vinde.

Toate aceste realitati dramatice nu schimba adevarul. Care adevar? Adevarul ca Isus Hristos, Cel ingenuncheat, este Regele Regilor, Creatorul stelelor si al apei si ca El troneaza peste toate.

Adevarul este ca suntem fii de regi nu prin felul in care se vede viata: bucurii, succes, copii buni si cuminti, sot iubitor, sanatate…! Nu prin aspectul vietii suntem fii de rege ci prin atitudinea pe care o avem si anume intelepciunea de a ne pleca si a accepta chemarea de a sluji semenii de dragul lui Hristos.
Viata crestina este o ingenunchere intre lighean si stergar
in fata unor picioare murdare
pe care le spalam cu increderea
ca intr-o zi vor alerga pentru Isus.
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Stiri Crestine – AlfaOmegaTV Editia Noiembrie 17, 2012

Published on Nov 15, 2012 by  ultimele stiri crestine gasiti pe site-ul http://alfaomega.tv/stiri

– Egiptul, Islam si Coptii
–min 7 – Copii furati in SPANIA. Nou nascuti furati din spitale si vanduti. A inceput ca un sistem politic si a continuat ca un sistem pentru facut bani.
–min 14 Orasul Branson, Missouri – o cultura crestina
–min 17 Filmul Holy Roller
–min 21 Aniversare la Casa Fratilor lui Onisim – Orfelinat fundat de Petru Dugulescu.

Christians, it’s time to wake up – Ravenhill, Paul Washer, Piper, Wilkerson. Conlon, Cymbala

A quote from A. W. Pink (via Gabi Bogdan) A.W. Pink said, „The nature of Christ’s salvation is woefully misrepresented by the present-day evangelist. He announces a Savior from hell rather than a Savior from sin. And that is why so many are fatally deceived, for there are multitudes who wish to escape the Lake of Fire who have no desire to be delivered from their carnality and worldliness.

Here is a video compilation featuring David Wilkerson and Leonard Ravenhill:

~You will rarely find a message, now, on repentance.

~Look at what has become of the world, church of Christ, through you, losing what you should have been. But, God waits for His people… when will they take the stepping stones God has placed in His word?

~… a church that has forgotten its foundations, a church that has turned away from its beginnings and begins to become a harlot church.

~Just tell me how blessed I am! Just tell me I’m going to be popular and I’m gonna have no trouble in my life. Just tell me these things!

~… watered down half truths. This Gospel says, „Just believe and get saved.” Nothing of repentance, nothing of Godly sorrow. Nothing of turning from your sins. Nothing about taking up your cross and following the Lord. But to people that just say a little prayer (they) say, „You-re fine, you’re good

~people believe that any standard, even in the New Testament is legalism and bondage and law. „I’m under grace, I can do anything,” that’s of the devil!

~we’ve revised that, we’ve said, „If you can get people for one hour, on Sunday morning, in the building, that’s the church. That’s not the church! We can get any device we want, to get people in the building for 1 hour and keep it early, and keep it moving and keep it going, but, that’s not the church of Jesus though.

~ Ravenhill: and I’m embarrassed to be part of the church of Jesus today because I believe it’s an embarassment to a Holy God. Most of our joy is clapping our hands and having a good time and afterwards we’re talking all the dribble of the world.

~Wilkerson: Don’t talk to us about holiness or separation from the world, don’t! People today don’t want to hear anything they call gloom and doom. If it’s not smooth, it’s gloom and doom.

Ravenhill: well, let me tell you lovingly, ‘Go to hell and live with all the scum of the earth. You like to drink, go to the drinkers. You like to lust, go with the prostitues.

~Conlon: They have been covered in something deceptive, defines in the last moments of your life; that the feet coming down the hallway are not taking you to heaven. You can get through the deception your whole life, you can sing in the choir.

~Ravenhill: all this business of ‘God loves you, God loves you,’ and all the bumper stickers of sloppy evangelism. Will you remind people of the goodness AND the severity of God? Will you remind them that there’s a day that mercy is cut off forever? Will you remind them that people pray in hell, but, nobody ever answers?

~Conlon: But, in spite of what God had spoken, they created garments of fig leaves and covered themselves saying, „All is well. All is well.” And they see God in church and it won’t expose their sin, it won’t expose their hypocrisy for what it is. I’d rather you get mad at me but go to heaven.

~Wilkerson: This so called love gospel today only reaches the flesh. It can’t get at the heart. It can’t dig at the sin so that there can be a cleansing. And, if I’m a surgeon of the Holy Ghost, I’m not gonna put a band aid on you when you’ve got cancer sticing out of a bone or the flesh. We say, „We’ve got to get in there and it’s got to be dealt with.” And we do that.

~Conlon: This is the reason why some who are listening, even now or in the future, you just can’t lighten up and enjoy theologically shallow experiences like so many around you are today.Everyone around you is saying, „Lighten up, lighten up. God is love. Gos is good. God is nice. Come to church to the altar, stick your feet up and have some coffee and cookies with us, while your 3 point messages are nothing about God. But there’s a stirring in you, there’s a stirring in the true bride of this generation.”

~Wilkerson: I’m gonna tell you something. A diluted Gospel is no Gospel at all.

~Conlon: If you don’t believe this is happening in our generation, I challenge you to go to a christian bookstore  and find the best sellers, ask them which are the best sellers. Look at them. Look at the covers. They’re the images of men, not the images of God. Five steps to be like me, five steps to better yourself, five steps to the new you, 5 steps to find your destiny- with their glossy faces on the cover. It’s not so subtly telling the church of Jesus Christ, „If you use the principles of God, you’ll look like me.”

~Ravenhill:Paul in Romans says we must all stand in judgment at the judgment seat of Christ. You can’t send your lawyer. You can’t send your representative.

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