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PART 2 – Michael Wurmbrand, son of Richard Wurmbrand writes about the attempted assassination on his family in the United States by the communist regime in Romania

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mihai wurmbrand flickr v. tomoiagaMichael Wurmbrand: From many other thousands of communist secret police documents I found out that scores, if not even hundreds of officers and informers residing outside Romania were used to implement different aspects of these plans of killing the Wurmbrands.  As late as 1978, a great number of our family activities travels on 4 continents were reported in great detail, our location, even the way we were dressed, best ways to be identified, all contacts in great detail, a great number of photographic material was obtained. The Romanian communist secret police tried to identify in great extensive detail and if possible gain access, to anyone worldwide connected to the Wurmbrand family.

There are documents showing how both Romanian but also non-Romanian newspersons, politicians, church leaders, in the actual even conscious paid employ of the Romanian secret police, will be marshaled to implement these plans to destroy the Wurmbrands. For example, they were directed to show friendship and support for the Wurmbrands’ missionary message, even write pro-Wurmbrand newspaper articles, so as to gain our confidence over long time. Then they would attract close friends or workers of the Wurmbrands in different countries visited, to leave their homes for outside visits, so listening devices or searches could be conducted in their homes.

It was internally emphasized to its own officers that the budget of the External Information Service (SIE) of the Romanian communist government for destroying the Wurmbrands, was with no imposed ceiling. The plans were not amateurish, they were extremely detailed, insidious and carried to an extent that our family, thinking ourselves as experts on communism and the communist methods would have never suspected secret police. These files allowed the communist police to find out their interests, weaknesses, how they could be approached ideologically or even befriended to help the killer’s plans. There are scores of informative notes given by Christians, conscious tools, informers of the Romanian secret police.

It sounds preposterous but there are documents even on Billy Graham showing him caught in this nefarious communist net. It is discussed how he could be used as a known friend of President Nixon to influence the President of the US. Our family was followed both in Romania of course but here in the West 24/7 by as many as 7 different persons, at the same time. So if we watched, we would see unrelated, different persons walking or driving.

There are documents that have the signature of the communist dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu and the head of the secret police approving these plans. These plans were discussed at length by the so called Counsel on Security of the State, plans in part signed on also by the most famous and highest officer ever to defect from a communist secret police from all communist countries, general

Ion Mihai Pacepa

Ion Mihai Pacepa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ion Mihai Pacepa (his story on the internet, seehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion_Mihai_Pacepa ), of course before his defection from Romania.

I cannot emphasize enough how extensive was the communist “hand-” reach into the lives of anyone, the communists thought had any tangency to the Wurmbrand family, not only of course in Romania, but other communist countries but here in the West. It would of course take months of studies of these documents and reproduction of thousands of pages to document this enormous effort of the communists to attack in one way or another Richard Wurmbrand, his family and his worldwide message of unmasking the communist persecution of the Christian faithful.

When Richard Wurmbrand came to the West and explained that in a country of 20 million at least 1 million passed through communist prisons, many church leaders in the West blamed Wurmbrand as “exaggerating.” After the fall of communism in Romania, the official numbers published were 10% of the population and in excess of 2 million. I pray none of the readers of this paper, for their own good and safety, will dismiss what I write here as exaggerating in the least bit. Since I was at both ends of this equation, first as one of the founders 45 years ago of a missionary organization, known now as Voice of the Martyrs, opposing and widely making known communist atrocities and now being able to obtain first hand information in thousands of pages, how our communist adversaries would fight us, even trying to kill us, I would like to share with you the lessons I learned, thinking some of these might be of a real spiritual benefit to whoever reads this and to their love ones.

I would not blame the reader of this material for wondering how come we have not been killed already following such a gigantic effort on the part of the Romanian communists? The first and only answer is

“BY THE GRACE OF GOD!” The communists surely tried.

English: Jacques Chirac (at the time, Prime Mi...

English: Jacques Chirac (at the time, Prime Minister of France) with Nicolae Ceauşescu during a visit in Neptun, Romania, in 1975 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It also happened so that the highest person of the Romanian communist secret police, the communist general Pacepa defected to the US in 1978. Ceausescu, the communist dictator tried to silence many opponents of his through killing them. He tried to use the famous international terrorist Ilich Sanchez, nicknamed “Carlos the Jackal.” It is public information about housing and supporting him financially in Romania. Communist General Pacepa’s defection 1978 occurred, as he explained, because he had been sent to kill the head of the Free Europe Radio, Romanian Section. In the same timeframe Ceausescu sent a killer to France to execute another dissident and this “killer” officer defected to the French secret service . The French secret service staged and publicized “a mock-killing” of the dissident targeted to be killed. The Romanian communist secret police functioning with no idea of the real facts and believing the killing had been carried on. The French followed through all the radio, mail traffic with the Romanian secret service, proving the episode as having originated with the Romanian communists. The President of France traveled subsequently to Romania and explained to the communist dictator Ceausescu that all loans, Romanian business internationally, his own perks and even his life will be terminated if such behavior continues. Above all is documented. Ceausescu disbanded his communist “killing service.”

The Wurmbrands survived and I am sorry my parents are not alive today when all this secret informative material has been made available to me and I have to convey to you my lessons learned.

Richard Wurmbrand

Richard Wurmbrand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

• Our family starting a missionary work, now called Voice of the Martyrs was done in pain, in faith, in urgency, comparable to a drowning person hanging to a straw or someone seriously. injured begging for even an aspirin. We had been ransomed out of communist Romania for $10,000 and our immediate goal was to appeal to the Christians in the West to help they fellow Christians oppressed under communism. True Christian work expecting true miracles is like that and need be kept like that. Moses was sent by God to Egypt to reason with Pharaoh only having a walking stick. Eventually he came to realize he needed and obtained from God more, 10 miraculous plagues.

• When engaged with an adversary controlling country or countries the fight is unequal because:

• Those engaged in the fight on the good side are maybe one or a few, while the human resources on the other side are even countless! No one kid themselves with the “mantra” or “example” of David fighting Goliath, but imagine a fight between David and hundreds of Goliaths.

• The one fighting on the good side fails to realize the personal nature of this fight. One imagines one fights for freedom of others, for good principles, for true faith, in general naively for worthy concepts. The evil adversary in droves fights not for an ideology but for its own survival, positions they grabbed, salaries, using means that the good heroes in their naiveté would never imagine! Yes, these communist officers were fighting for their jobs.

• I did know the communists would like the Wurmbrands dead. Even when the FBI came to alert me personally that a bullet seems to have been designated for me, I only took general precautionary measures but would not have imagined my closest acquaintances, yes eating sometimes daily at my table, were a paid part of this plan for the communist bullet to arrive to kill me. One may not be ever naïve about one or many Judases.

It is not enough to have the good will and even necessary knowledge to be engaged in the fight to help victims of an oppressor without taking seriously that your own life and limb is in danger. Your family is in danger and they need be made highly aware of this. As for the kids, think of the Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac. This is not just a story. Abraham was named a man of faith not for nothing. Are you ready for what you believe to sacrifice your unwitting children? Do you have a true understanding of what means collateral damage and are willing to take the responsibility for it? At the time the communists had these deadly plans on against me, my daughter was 2 years old only. Did I think of that? No I did not!

I apologize through this writing even if late, even I cannot do better, to anyone, I or my parents met or touched and have them ended in the cross-hairs of the communist aim. They are documented by the hundreds which are  too many to name. The stories in the Bible, describe leprous persons having to shout the warning,“leper”, “leper” before approaching anyone. I should have alerted all my friends, acquaintances on what my occupation and dangers were. If engaged in a fight with such enemies, I urge you do same. I do not blame anyone , without explanations, refused to have relations with us.

From these documents I can read how countless had been contacted by the communists to work against us and preferred to just take a silent distance, rather than communicate with us. The mission used many willing Christians abroad or inside communist countries to be Bible or help other be Bible smugglers and Without us thinking many Christians in Romania used their children and thus exposed unwitting children to unimaginable dangers.

Further thoughts as to how those who have desire and means to fight such enemies of Christianity should proceed! When willing to make a sacrifice it is good to think through seriously for whatever goal you accomplish, the amount of hurt you and others are really able to bear. Once hurt, it is too late for regrets, especially when others, without any warning or inkling, are hurt around you as well.

As my father emphasized many times, the head of the serpent needs be crushed and we need not tickle its belly. Christians have to attack the head of evil. Love of money is the root of all evil. The reason the communists wanted and worked to see us dead, was described by one of the Romanian communist ambassadors in a confidential discussion, “because of Wurmbrand, Romania lost preferred-nation status with the United States, 8 years in a row.”

While many missions fight many evils with help programs, countless banks and business men support evil in the same areas through their financial interest, business as usual, like presently in Red China, Vietnam and  whole Moslem countries, etc. How can a Christian in good conscience work and draw a salary in the oil industry in Moslem countries where his fellow Christians are maimed, even killed for their faith? How can Christians while claiming to help persecuted believers in China, encourage trade with the communist Chinese?

The whole reasoning at the top of Christian missions leadership as to aims and means needs be revised. So needs be revised the good intentions of the donors questioning not only the honesty of their churches, accepting for instance evils like homosexuality but even trading with enemy.

Moses entered Egypt, a country from which he fled, to uncompromisingly reach the head, Pharaoh and demand the ultimate goal, the freeing of his people, in an uncompromising way. In contrast, during communism in Romania, too many western religious leaders of many denominations, came to Romania for tourism, entertainment, trying to woo communist leaders with personal business, etc. as described in many of these documents.

Christians in the West are not only unaware of the plight of their brethren in communist and Moslem countries, they are not only “asleep at the wheel,” but worse even, sleeping with the enemy! May this writing wake them up, and fight their most insidious enemy , the devil in all its forms!

I wish I could place this writing as a postscript in the now famous book of my father, Tortured for Christ, the manuscript of which, after coming out of communist Romania, I typed myself 4 times in 1966 on a clunky typewriter, before it appeared in English and then was translated and spread in 85 languages.

“The devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he might devour!” (1st Epistle of Apostle Peter 5:8) Please, dear fellow Christians, never underestimate your enemy!

Partea 2 – Michael Wurmbrand, fiul lui Richard Wurmbrand scrie despre tentativa de asasinare a familiei sale in Statele Unite de catre regimul comunist din Romania

In L. Romana

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O scrisoare de la Michael Wurmbrand  – Traducere din Limba Engleza de A.C. –

sursa pozei Flickr – Vasile Tomoiaga

mihai wurmbrand flickr v. tomoiagaDin multe alte mii de documente secrete ale politiei comuniste am gasit ca o multime, ba chiar sute de ofiteri si informatori, care locuiau in afara Romaniei, au fost folositi ca sa puna in aplicare diferite aspecte a planurilor de a ucide familia Wurmbrand. Chiar pana in anul 1978, un numar mare ale activitatilor noastre de calatorie pe cele patru continente au fost raportate cu detalii amanuntite, locul nostru de amplasare, chiar si felul in care am fost imbracati, cele mai bune cai ca sa fim identificati, toate persoanele noastre de contact cu detalii amanuntite,  un  numar mare de materiale fotografice obtinute. Politia secreta comunista a Romaniei a incercat sa indentifice in ample detalii si daca era posibil sa aiba acces la orisicine  in lume care avea legaturi cu familia Wurmbrand.

Exista documente care arata cum atat romani, dar si oameni din presa straina, politicieni, lideri bisericesti, in efectiv chiar constient platiti sa lucreze pentru politia secreta a Romaniei, vor fi adunati ca sa puna in aplicare aceste planuri de a distuge familia Wurmbrand. De exemplu, ei au fost indrumati ca  sa arate prietenie si suport pentru mesajul misionar al lui Wurmbrand, chiar sa si scrie articole in ziare pro- Wurmbrand astfel incat sa castige increderea noastra pe timp lung.  Apoi ei atrageau prieteni apropiati, sau cine lucrau pentru Wurmbrand, in tari diferite care erau visitate, ca sa plece de acasa si sa mearga afara sa visiteze, ca ei sa poata planta in casa aparate de ascultare sau sa poata efectua perchezitii in absenta lor.

Ofiterilor din interior le-a fost subliniat faptul ca bugetului Serviciului de Informatii Externe (SIE) al guvernului comunist Roman, pentru distrugerea familiei Wurmbrand, nu i s-a impus limite. Planurile acestea nu au fost de ordin amator, ele au fost extrem de detaliate, subtile si efectuate intr-o masura ca familia noastra, care credeam ca suntem experti  cu privire la comunism si metodele comuniste, nu am suspecta deloc politia secreta. Aceste dosare au permis politiei comuniste sa descopere interesele lor, slabiciunile lor,  cum ei pot fi apropiati ideologic sau chiar imprieteniti ca sa ajute la planurile ucigasului. Se afla o multime de note informative date de catre crestini, instrumente constiente, informatori ai politiei secrete Romane.

Suna absurd dar exista documente care arata chiar si pe Billy Graham  prins in acest abject de plasa comunista. Se discuta  cum ar putea fi el folosit, el  fiind un prieten stiut al presedintelui Nixon, ca sa influenteze presedintele Statelor Unite. Familia noastra a fost urmarita desigur in Romania, dar si aici in Occident, 24/7 de numai putin de 7 persoane, in acelasi timp. Asa ca in cazul ca noi urmaream (ca sa nu ne dam seama), am fi vazut persoane diferite necunoscute umbland pe strada sau la volan conducand.

Exista documente care au semnatura dictatorului comunist din Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu si al Sefului politiei secrete aproband aceste planuri. Aceste planuri au fost discutate pe larg de catre asa numitul Consiliul Securitatii de Stat, planuri care in parte au fost semnate de asemenea si de cel mai faimos si cel mai inalt ofiter care a fugit vreodata din politia secreta comunista din toate tarile comuniste, Generalul Ion Mihai Pacepa (vezi istoria lui pe internet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion Mihai Pacepa), desigur ca dinainte de  fuga sa din Romania.

Ion Mihai Pacepa

Ion Mihai Pacepa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nu pot accentua indeajuns  cat de mult a fost extinsa „mana” comunista amestecandu-se in viata tuturora, celor care comunistii credeau ca aveau vreo tangenta cu familia Wurmbrand, nu numai in Romania  sau alte tari comuniste dar si in Occident. Ar dura cu siguranta luni de zile de studiere a acestor documente si reproduceri a mii de pagini pentru a documenta acest efort enorm al comunistilor de a ataca intr-un fel sau altul pe Richard Wurmbrand, familia sa si mesajul sau de pe intreaga lume de a demasca persecutia comunista a crestinilor credinciosi.

Cand Richard Wurmbrand a venit in Occident si a explicat ca intr-o tara de 20 de milioane de oameni cel putin 1 milion au trecut prin inchisorile comuniste, multi lideri din bisericile din Occident l-au acuzat pe Wurmbrand de „exagerare”. Dupa caderea comunismului in Romania, numarul oficial publicat a fost de 10 la suta din populatie si in exces de 2 milioane. Ma rog ca niciunul din cei care citesc aceste pagini, pentru binele lor si pentru propria lor siguranta, vor respinge ceea ce scriu aici ca fiind exagerat sub nici un fel. Deoarece am fost la ambele capete a acestui proces, in primul rand ca unul dintre fondatorii cu 45 de ani in urma a organizatiei misionare, cunoscuta azi sub numele deVocea Martirilor, care se opune si face cunoscut pe scara larga atrocitatile comuniste, iar acum avand posibilitatea sa obtin in mod personal informatie cu mii de pagini, de felul cum  adversarii nostri comunisti se vor lupta cu noi, ba chiar cautand sa ne omoare, as vrea sa impartasesc cu voi lectiile pe care le-am invatat, gandindu-ma ca unele din acestea ar putea fi de un real folos spiritual pentru cine le citeste si pentru cei dragi ai lor.

Nu voi da vina pe cititorii acestui material dace se intreaba cum se face ca nu am fost deja omorati in urma unui astfel de efort gigantic din partea comunistilor romani? Primul si singurul raspuns este :

„NUMAI PRIN HARUL LUI DUMNEZEU!”    Comunistii cu siguranta ca au incercat.

English: Jacques Chirac (at the time, Prime Mi...

English: Jacques Chirac (at the time, Prime Minister of France) with Nicolae Ceauşescu during a visit in Neptun, Romania, in 1975 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sa mai intamplat asa deoarece cel mai de sus om din politia secreta comunista din Romania, Generalul comunist Pacepa a fugit in Statele Unite in 1978. Ceausescu, dictatorul comunist a incercat sa reduca la tacere pe multi din oponentii sai, omorandu-i. El a incercat sa-l foloseasca pe faimosul terorist international Ilich Sanchez, poreclit „Carlos the Jackal” (Sacalul). Este o informatie publica ca el a fost cazat si suportat financial in Romania. Fuga din anul 1978 a Generalului comunist Pacepa a avut loc, dupa explicatia data chiar de dansul, deoarece el a fost trimis ca sa-l omoare pe Directorul de la Europa Libera, Sectia Romana. In aceeasi perioada, Ceausescu a trimis un ucigas in Franta pentru a executa  un alt dezident si acest „ucigas” ofiter a fugit la Serviciul Secret din Franta (cerand azil politic}. Serviciul Secret Francez a inscenat si publicat „o omorare falsa” a dezidentului prevazut sa fie omorat. Politia secreta comunista Romana a functionat fara ca  sa aiba vreo idee de ceea ce de fapt s-a intamplat, crezand ca omorul a fost dus la capat. Francezii au mers atunci pe calea radioului, prin traficul de posta cu serviciul secret Roman, dovedindu-se ca acest episod a originat de la comunistii Romani. Presedintele Frantei a urmat apoi cu o vizita in Romania si a explicat dictatorului comunist Ceausescu ca toate imprumuturile, afacerile internationale ale Romaniei, avantajele sale proprii si chiar si viata lui va fi terminata in cazul in care un astfel de comportament va continua. Toate acestea sunt documentate. Ceausescu si-a desfintat „serviciul de ucidere” comunist.

Familia Wurmbrand a supravietuit si imi pare rau ca parintii mei nu sunt in viata astazi, acum cand tot acest material secret informativ a fost pus la dispozitia mea si  trebuie ca eu sa va transmit lectiile pe care le-am invatat.

Richard Wurmbrand

Richard Wurmbrand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– Familia noastra a inceput o  munca misionara, care acum se numeste Vocea Martirilor, s-a nascut prin durere, prin credinta, prin urgenta, comparata cu o persoana aproape sa se inece agatindu-se de un pai, sau cineva grav ranit cersind macar pentru o aspirina. Noi am fost rascumparati din Romania pentru suma de10 000 de dolari si scopul nostru imediat a fost ca sa apelam la crestinii din Occident ca sa ajute pe fratii lor crestini care sunt opresati sub comunism. Adevarata lucrare crestina care asteapta miracole adevarate este de felul acesta si trebuie sa fie tinuta de felul acesta. Moise  a fost trimis in Egipt de Dumnezeu ca sa-l convinga pe Faraon numai cu un toiag de umblat. In cele din urma el si-a dat seama ca a avut nevoie si a obtinut de la Dumnezeu mai mult, 10 plagi miraculoase.

– Cand ai de infruntat un adversar care controleaza o tara sau tari lupta este neegala, deoarece:

– Cei ce sunt implicati in lupta de partea cea buna sunt poate unul sau doar cativa, iar resursele umane de cealalta parte sunt chiar de nenumarat! Nimeni nu se amageste „cu repetari de fraze” sau „exemplul” lui David luptandu-se cu Goliat, dar imaginati-va o lupta intre David si sute de Goliati.

– Cel ce se lupta de partea cea buna nu isi da seama de natura personala a acestei lupti. Unul isi imagineaza ca se lupta pentru libertatea altora, pentru principii bune, pentru o credinta adevarata, in general cu naivitate pentru conceptii demne. Adversarul diabolic se lupta in masa, nu pentru o ideologie ci pentru propria supravietuire, pentru pozitiile care le-au apucat, salariile, folosind mijloace pe care eroii cei buni in naivitatea lor nici nu si le-ar imagina! Da acesti ofiteri comunisti se luptau pentru locurile lor de munca.

– Eu am stiut ca comunistilor le-ar fi placut ca sa vada  familia Wurmbrand moarta. Chiar si atunci cand cei de la FBI au venit la mine ca sa-mi dea de stire personal ca un glont pare sa fi fost desemnat pentru mine, eu am luat numai masuri generale de precautie, dar nu mi-as fi imaginat cunoscutii mei cei mai apropiati, da mancand citeodata zilnic la masa mea, a fost o parte de platit a acestui plan pentru ca acel glont comunist sa vina si sa ma ucida. Cineva nu poate sa fie niciodata naiv despre unul sau mai multi Iuda.

Nu este deajuns ca sa ai bunavointa si chiar o cunoastere necesara ca sa fi angrenat in lupta pentru a ajuta victimele unui asupritor fara ca sa te gandesti cu seriozitate ca viata si madularele tale sunt in pericol. Familia ta este in pericol si ei trebuie sa  fie facuti foarte constienti de acest lucru. Cat despre copii, gandeste-te la istoria din Biblie despre Avraam si Isac. Aceasta nu este numai o istorisire. Avraam a fost numit un om al credintei, nu pentru nimic. Esti  gata ca in ceea ce  crezi sa-ti sacrifici copiii nestiutori? Ai o intelegere adevarata a ceea ce inseamna daune colaterale si esti dispus sa-ti asumi responsabilitatea pentru ea? Atunci cand comunistii au avut aceste planuri de moarte impotriva mea, fetita mea avea numai doi ani. M-am gandit eu la aceasta? Nu, nu m-am gandit!

Imi cer iertare prin aceasta scriere chiar daca este cu intarziere, chiar daca  nu pot face mai mult, la nimeni, pe care eu sau parintii mei am intalnit sau avut tangenta fapt pentru care au devenit tinta unui reticul din luneta comunistilor. Ei sunt documnetati cu sutele care sunt prea multi ca sa poata fi numiti. Istorisirile din Biblie, descrie cum persoanele cu lepra trebuiau sa strige pentru avertizare, „lepros”, „lepros” inainte ca sa se apropie de cineva. Ar fi trebuit sa avertizez toti prietenii, pe toti cunoscutii de ceea ce ocupatia mea si pericolele au fost. Daca te angrenezi in lupta cu astfel de inamici, te indemn ca sa faci acelasi lucru. Eu nu condamn pe nimeni, care fara explicatii, au refuzat sa aibe vreo relatie cu noi.

Din aceste documente pot sa citesc cum oameni nenumarati au fost contactati de comunisti ca sa lucreze impotriva noastra si au preferat sa se tina la distanta in tacere mai degraba decat sa comunice cu noi.

Misiunea a folosit multi crestini care doreau sa ne ajute deafara sau dinlauntrul tarilor comuniste ca sa furiseze, sau sa ajute pe altii sa furiseze Biblii si fara ca noi sa ne gandim, multi crestini din Romania si-au folosit copiii lor si au expus acesti copii nestiutori la pericole de neimaginat.

Sa vedem in continuare modul in care cei care au dorinta si mijloacele pentru a lupta impotriva unor astfel de dusmani ai crestinismului, ar trebui sa procedeze! Cand doresti sa faci un sacrificiu este bine sa te gandesti in mod serios la obiectivul pe care vrei sa-l realizezi, cantitatea de suferinta pe care tu si altii sunteti capabili de a o suporta. Dupa ce vei fi vatamat, va fi prea tarziu pentru regrete, in special atunci cand si altii, fara vreun un avertisment sau banuiala, vor fi si ei  vatamati.

Asa cum tatal meu a accentuat de multe ori, capul sarpelui trebuie  zdrobit nu sa-l gadilam pe burta. Crestinii trebuie sa atace capul raului. Dragostea de bani este radacina tuturor relelor. Motivul pentru care comunistii au vrut si au lucrat ca sa ne omoare, a fost descris de catre unul dintre ambasadorii comunisti romani intr-o discutie confidentiala: „Datorita  lui Wurmbrand, Romania a pierdut clauza de natiune favorizata cu Statele Unite, 8 ani la rand.”

In timp ce multe misiuni se  lupta cu multe feluri de rele prin programe de ajutor, nenumarate banci si oameni de afaceri sprijina raul in aceleasi locuri prin interesele lor financiare, afaceri ca de obicei (zi de zi), ca de exemplu in China Rosie, Vietnam, si toate tarile musulmane, etc. Cum poate un crestin sa fie cu constiinta impacata atunci cand se duc si lucreaza  sa ia un salariu in industria  petrolului din tarile musulmane acolo unde fratii lor crestini sunt mutilati si chiar omorati pentru credinta lor? Cum pot crestinii care in timp ce pretind ca ajuta crestinii persecutati din China, incurajeaza comertul cu chinezii comunisti?

Intregul rationament al liderilor care sunt la carma misiunilor crestine, cu privire la obiective si mijloace, trebuie  sa fie revizuite. Tot la fel trebuie revizuite si intentiile bune ale donatorilor care sa puna sub semnul intrebarii nu numai  integritatea bisericilor lor, acceptand de exemplu rele  cum ar fi homosexualitatea dar chiar si comertul cu inamicul.

Moise a intrat in Egipt, o tara din care el a fugit, ca sa ajunga fara compromisuri la Faraon cu scopul final de a solicita eliberarea poporului sau,  fara compromisuri. In contrast, in timpul comunismului in Romania, prea multi lideri religiosi din Occident din multe denominatiuni, au venit in Romania ca turisti, distractie, incercand sa atraga  liderii comunisti cu afaceri personale, etc, asa dupa cum este descris in multe din aceste documente.

Crestinii din Occident, nu numai ca sunt neconstienti de situatia fratilor lor din tarile comuniste si musulmane,  nu numai ca „dorm la volan” dar ceva si mai grav, ei dorm cu inamicul! Faca ca aceasta scriere sa-i trezeasca, si sa lupte impotriva celui mai subtil inamic, diavolul in toate formele lui!

As dori  sa pot pune aceasta scriere ca un post-scriptum in cartea de acum faimoasa a tatalui meu, Torturat pentru Christos, manuscriptul careia, dupa ce am iesit din Romania comunista, l-am scris de patru ori in anul 1966 la o masina de scris veche si greoaie, inainte ca sa apara in Limba Engleza si apoi sa fie tradusa si raspandita in 85 de limbi.

„Diavolul, da tarcoale ca un leu care racneste, si cauta pe cine sa inghita”! (1 Petru 5:8). Va rog, dragii mei frati crestini, ca niciodata sa nu va subestimati inamicul!

Marturia lui Richard Wurmbrand dupa ce a fost lasat sa plece din Romania:

Cor si Orchestra BBSO – ‘Ierusalim’ [OFFICIAL VIDEO] la Sala Sporturilor din Oradea

VEZI PAGINA PRINCIPALA pentru Biserica Baptista Speranta Oradea aici

Multumiri lui Daniel Bondas pentru semnalare!!!
Inca un video de la evenimentul de evanghelizare cu invitatul Voddie Baucham, organizat de Biserica Baptista Speranta Oradea:

Si inca odata mai postez cantarea sau colinda de care nu ne saturam sa o ascultam in 2012 – cantat tot de corul national BBSO in aer liber la Oradea:

Flash Mob BBSO-1 Decembrie 2012 [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Corul și Orchestra Națională BBSO filmat de sziszaby

Poem – We Three Kings by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Star of Bethlehem, Magi - wise men or wise kin...

Star of Bethlehem, Magi – wise men or wise kings travel on camels with entourage across the deserts to find the savior, moon, desert, Holy Bible, Etching, 1885 (Photo credit: Wonderlane)

Three Kings came riding from far away,
Melchior and Gaspar and Baltasar;
Three Wise Men out of the East were they,
And they travelled by night and they slept by day,
For their guide was a beautiful, wonderful star.

The star was so beautiful, large and clear,
That all the other stars of the sky
Became a white mist in the atmosphere,
And by this they knew that the coming was near
Of the Prince foretold in the prophecy.

Three caskets they bore on their saddle-bows,
Three caskets of gold with golden keys;
Their robes were of crimson silk with rows
Of bells and pomegranates and furbelows,
Their turbans like blossoming almond-trees.

And so the Three Kings rode into the West,
Through the dusk of the night, over hill and dell,
And sometimes they nodded with beard on breast,
And sometimes talked, as they paused to rest,
With the people they met at some wayside well.

„Of the child that is born,” said Baltasar,
„Good people, I pray you, tell us the news;
For we in the East have seen his star,
And have ridden fast, and have ridden far,
To find and worship the King of the Jews.”

And the people answered, „You ask in vain;
We know of no King but Herod the Great!”
They thought the Wise Men were men insane,
As they spurred their horses across the plain,
Like riders in haste, who cannot wait.

And when they came to Jerusalem,
Herod the Great, who had heard this thing,
Sent for the Wise Men and questioned them;
And said, „Go down unto Bethlehem,
And bring me tidings of this new king.”

So they rode away; and the star stood still,
The only one in the grey of morn;
Yes, it stopped –it stood still of its own free will,
Right over Bethlehem on the hill,
The city of David, where Christ was born.

And the Three Kings rode through the gate and the guard,
Through the silent street, till their horses turned
And neighed as they entered the great inn-yard;
But the windows were closed, and the doors were barred,
And only a light in the stable burned.

And cradled there in the scented hay,
In the air made sweet by the breath of kine,
The little child in the manger lay,
The child, that would be king one day
Of a kingdom not human, but divine.

His mother Mary of Nazareth
Sat watching beside his place of rest,
Watching the even flow of his breath,
For the joy of life and the terror of death
Were mingled together in her breast.

They laid their offerings at his feet:
The gold was their tribute to a King,
The frankincense, with its odor sweet,
Was for the Priest, the Paraclete,
The myrrh for the body’s burying.

And the mother wondered and bowed her head,
And sat as still as a statue of stone,
Her heart was troubled yet comforted,
Remembering what the Angel had said
Of an endless reign and of David’s throne.

Then the Kings rode out of the city gate,
With a clatter of hoofs in proud array;
But they went not back to Herod the Great,
For they knew his malice and feared his hate,
And returned to their homes by another way.

O Come, Emmanuel – (Piano/Cello) – ThePianoGuys

published by ThePianoGuys

Immanuel – God with us – Timothy Warren at Dallas Theological Seminary


Isaiah 7:14  (NIV)

Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.

Matthew 1:23 (NIV)

“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel”(which means “God with us”).

Text: Isaiah 7:1-14 – Isaiah comes on the scene to warn Israel of coming judgement and to invite them to step into a world where God is present  even though He is transcendent. Although He is sovereign, He is immanent, here with us in this moment. And those who will repent, those who will acknowledge Him will be part of a remnant which will survive, and that He will bless and prosper. And those who will repent, those who will acknowledge Him will be part of a remnant which will survive and that He will bless and prosper.

Isaiah goes to a people who do not want to and will not see or hear the message. Really, Isaiah, then and today is presenting to us the choice between fear & fear induced behavior and faith resting in God, His promise of protection and His presence.

Preceded by
King of Judah
Coregency: 736 – 732 BC
Sole reign: 732 – 716 BC
Succeeded by

source (wikipedia)

Fact of life: Our natural response to threat is fear

There are a ton of things that can make us fearful and fear is a natural response in a time of threat. But, when we fear, when we’re overwhelmed with our fear, God shows up with a presence of his presence.

English: Ahaz was king of Judah, and the son a...

Verse 14 – ‘Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.‘ Before verse 14 had any meaning in the New Testament, as we relate it to Jesus, it had meaning for Ahaz and for Isaiah, and for the people of Judah at that time.

The promise from God: God tells Ahaz, „Ahaz, you can be part of the remnant. Your soul can be at peace. This threat to my people will not happen. And the reason all of that is true is because I am with you.”

When our normal response to our life is fear, God steps in and gives us the promise of His presence. He says, ‘I will be with you.”

What is our response to God’s promise of His presence?

What is our response to God’s promise of His presence, even when we face the fear of the threat that we so often do and will face for the rest of our lives? Sometimes we lie. Sometime we make bad choices.

We need to reject fear based behavior that will come back and bite us. Lying will come back and bite you. Ahaz’s fear induced behavior was to make an alliance with the King of Assyria. When God said in the last part of verse 9, „if you do not believe, you will not last,” there is a play on words in Hebrew. It says, „If you don’t have faith, then you will not faithfully stand. If you do not believe, you will not survive.” Because Isaiah knew and God knew that Ahaz has a plan and his plan was to go to the King of Assyria and make an alliance so that the King of Assyria would come and beat up on Syria and Israel. and keep Ahaz and Judah from being destroyed by them. God says, „That will come back and bite you”.

Look at verse 7. He says, „If you go that route, the Lord will bring upon you and upon your people, and upon your father’s house, some days as has never come since the days of Ephraim separated in Judah. That is the King of Assyria. If you compromise, if you default in your behavior, the compromise of alliance rather than trusting me, that will come back to bite you.”

The lesson of Isaiah 7- Trust God. He will protect you and provide for you.

The Land of Judah during the reign of the Kings- source

A sidenote: King Ahaz did not trust God and went on to defile the temple. He died at the age of 36 and was succeeded by his son, Hezekiah. Because of his wickedness he was „not brought into the sepulchre of the kings” (2 Chronicles 28:27) (he was not buried with . An insight into Ahaz’s neglect of the worship of the Lord is found in the statement that on the first day of the month of Nisan that followed Ahaz’s death, his son Hezekiah commissioned the priests and Levites to open and repair the doors of the Temple and to remove the defilements of the sanctuary, a task which took 16 days (2 Chronicles 29:3-20). (via)

You can also read more about idolatrous King Ahaz here – http://www.chabad.org Ahaz was twenty years old when he succeeded his father Jotham to the throne of Judea. He was a weak and idolatrous king. He even made his son walk through the fire of Moloch, aping the abominable custom of the Phoenicians. Another son, Hezekiah, who was to become king after Ahaz, was saved from the flames of the idol by his mother.

Published on Dec 6, 2012 dallasseminary Dr. Timothy Warren, Professor of Pastoral Ministries, DTS, explains how God is with His people.

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