PART 2 – Michael Wurmbrand, son of Richard Wurmbrand writes about the attempted assassination on his family in the United States by the communist regime in Romania

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mihai wurmbrand flickr v. tomoiagaMichael Wurmbrand: From many other thousands of communist secret police documents I found out that scores, if not even hundreds of officers and informers residing outside Romania were used to implement different aspects of these plans of killing the Wurmbrands.  As late as 1978, a great number of our family activities travels on 4 continents were reported in great detail, our location, even the way we were dressed, best ways to be identified, all contacts in great detail, a great number of photographic material was obtained. The Romanian communist secret police tried to identify in great extensive detail and if possible gain access, to anyone worldwide connected to the Wurmbrand family.

There are documents showing how both Romanian but also non-Romanian newspersons, politicians, church leaders, in the actual even conscious paid employ of the Romanian secret police, will be marshaled to implement these plans to destroy the Wurmbrands. For example, they were directed to show friendship and support for the Wurmbrands’ missionary message, even write pro-Wurmbrand newspaper articles, so as to gain our confidence over long time. Then they would attract close friends or workers of the Wurmbrands in different countries visited, to leave their homes for outside visits, so listening devices or searches could be conducted in their homes.

It was internally emphasized to its own officers that the budget of the External Information Service (SIE) of the Romanian communist government for destroying the Wurmbrands, was with no imposed ceiling. The plans were not amateurish, they were extremely detailed, insidious and carried to an extent that our family, thinking ourselves as experts on communism and the communist methods would have never suspected secret police. These files allowed the communist police to find out their interests, weaknesses, how they could be approached ideologically or even befriended to help the killer’s plans. There are scores of informative notes given by Christians, conscious tools, informers of the Romanian secret police.

It sounds preposterous but there are documents even on Billy Graham showing him caught in this nefarious communist net. It is discussed how he could be used as a known friend of President Nixon to influence the President of the US. Our family was followed both in Romania of course but here in the West 24/7 by as many as 7 different persons, at the same time. So if we watched, we would see unrelated, different persons walking or driving.

There are documents that have the signature of the communist dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu and the head of the secret police approving these plans. These plans were discussed at length by the so called Counsel on Security of the State, plans in part signed on also by the most famous and highest officer ever to defect from a communist secret police from all communist countries, general

Ion Mihai Pacepa

Ion Mihai Pacepa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ion Mihai Pacepa (his story on the internet, see ), of course before his defection from Romania.

I cannot emphasize enough how extensive was the communist “hand-” reach into the lives of anyone, the communists thought had any tangency to the Wurmbrand family, not only of course in Romania, but other communist countries but here in the West. It would of course take months of studies of these documents and reproduction of thousands of pages to document this enormous effort of the communists to attack in one way or another Richard Wurmbrand, his family and his worldwide message of unmasking the communist persecution of the Christian faithful.

When Richard Wurmbrand came to the West and explained that in a country of 20 million at least 1 million passed through communist prisons, many church leaders in the West blamed Wurmbrand as “exaggerating.” After the fall of communism in Romania, the official numbers published were 10% of the population and in excess of 2 million. I pray none of the readers of this paper, for their own good and safety, will dismiss what I write here as exaggerating in the least bit. Since I was at both ends of this equation, first as one of the founders 45 years ago of a missionary organization, known now as Voice of the Martyrs, opposing and widely making known communist atrocities and now being able to obtain first hand information in thousands of pages, how our communist adversaries would fight us, even trying to kill us, I would like to share with you the lessons I learned, thinking some of these might be of a real spiritual benefit to whoever reads this and to their love ones.

I would not blame the reader of this material for wondering how come we have not been killed already following such a gigantic effort on the part of the Romanian communists? The first and only answer is

“BY THE GRACE OF GOD!” The communists surely tried.

English: Jacques Chirac (at the time, Prime Mi...

English: Jacques Chirac (at the time, Prime Minister of France) with Nicolae Ceauşescu during a visit in Neptun, Romania, in 1975 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It also happened so that the highest person of the Romanian communist secret police, the communist general Pacepa defected to the US in 1978. Ceausescu, the communist dictator tried to silence many opponents of his through killing them. He tried to use the famous international terrorist Ilich Sanchez, nicknamed “Carlos the Jackal.” It is public information about housing and supporting him financially in Romania. Communist General Pacepa’s defection 1978 occurred, as he explained, because he had been sent to kill the head of the Free Europe Radio, Romanian Section. In the same timeframe Ceausescu sent a killer to France to execute another dissident and this “killer” officer defected to the French secret service . The French secret service staged and publicized “a mock-killing” of the dissident targeted to be killed. The Romanian communist secret police functioning with no idea of the real facts and believing the killing had been carried on. The French followed through all the radio, mail traffic with the Romanian secret service, proving the episode as having originated with the Romanian communists. The President of France traveled subsequently to Romania and explained to the communist dictator Ceausescu that all loans, Romanian business internationally, his own perks and even his life will be terminated if such behavior continues. Above all is documented. Ceausescu disbanded his communist “killing service.”

The Wurmbrands survived and I am sorry my parents are not alive today when all this secret informative material has been made available to me and I have to convey to you my lessons learned.

Richard Wurmbrand

Richard Wurmbrand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

• Our family starting a missionary work, now called Voice of the Martyrs was done in pain, in faith, in urgency, comparable to a drowning person hanging to a straw or someone seriously. injured begging for even an aspirin. We had been ransomed out of communist Romania for $10,000 and our immediate goal was to appeal to the Christians in the West to help they fellow Christians oppressed under communism. True Christian work expecting true miracles is like that and need be kept like that. Moses was sent by God to Egypt to reason with Pharaoh only having a walking stick. Eventually he came to realize he needed and obtained from God more, 10 miraculous plagues.

• When engaged with an adversary controlling country or countries the fight is unequal because:

• Those engaged in the fight on the good side are maybe one or a few, while the human resources on the other side are even countless! No one kid themselves with the “mantra” or “example” of David fighting Goliath, but imagine a fight between David and hundreds of Goliaths.

• The one fighting on the good side fails to realize the personal nature of this fight. One imagines one fights for freedom of others, for good principles, for true faith, in general naively for worthy concepts. The evil adversary in droves fights not for an ideology but for its own survival, positions they grabbed, salaries, using means that the good heroes in their naiveté would never imagine! Yes, these communist officers were fighting for their jobs.

• I did know the communists would like the Wurmbrands dead. Even when the FBI came to alert me personally that a bullet seems to have been designated for me, I only took general precautionary measures but would not have imagined my closest acquaintances, yes eating sometimes daily at my table, were a paid part of this plan for the communist bullet to arrive to kill me. One may not be ever naïve about one or many Judases.

It is not enough to have the good will and even necessary knowledge to be engaged in the fight to help victims of an oppressor without taking seriously that your own life and limb is in danger. Your family is in danger and they need be made highly aware of this. As for the kids, think of the Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac. This is not just a story. Abraham was named a man of faith not for nothing. Are you ready for what you believe to sacrifice your unwitting children? Do you have a true understanding of what means collateral damage and are willing to take the responsibility for it? At the time the communists had these deadly plans on against me, my daughter was 2 years old only. Did I think of that? No I did not!

I apologize through this writing even if late, even I cannot do better, to anyone, I or my parents met or touched and have them ended in the cross-hairs of the communist aim. They are documented by the hundreds which are  too many to name. The stories in the Bible, describe leprous persons having to shout the warning,“leper”, “leper” before approaching anyone. I should have alerted all my friends, acquaintances on what my occupation and dangers were. If engaged in a fight with such enemies, I urge you do same. I do not blame anyone , without explanations, refused to have relations with us.

From these documents I can read how countless had been contacted by the communists to work against us and preferred to just take a silent distance, rather than communicate with us. The mission used many willing Christians abroad or inside communist countries to be Bible or help other be Bible smugglers and Without us thinking many Christians in Romania used their children and thus exposed unwitting children to unimaginable dangers.

Further thoughts as to how those who have desire and means to fight such enemies of Christianity should proceed! When willing to make a sacrifice it is good to think through seriously for whatever goal you accomplish, the amount of hurt you and others are really able to bear. Once hurt, it is too late for regrets, especially when others, without any warning or inkling, are hurt around you as well.

As my father emphasized many times, the head of the serpent needs be crushed and we need not tickle its belly. Christians have to attack the head of evil. Love of money is the root of all evil. The reason the communists wanted and worked to see us dead, was described by one of the Romanian communist ambassadors in a confidential discussion, “because of Wurmbrand, Romania lost preferred-nation status with the United States, 8 years in a row.”

While many missions fight many evils with help programs, countless banks and business men support evil in the same areas through their financial interest, business as usual, like presently in Red China, Vietnam and  whole Moslem countries, etc. How can a Christian in good conscience work and draw a salary in the oil industry in Moslem countries where his fellow Christians are maimed, even killed for their faith? How can Christians while claiming to help persecuted believers in China, encourage trade with the communist Chinese?

The whole reasoning at the top of Christian missions leadership as to aims and means needs be revised. So needs be revised the good intentions of the donors questioning not only the honesty of their churches, accepting for instance evils like homosexuality but even trading with enemy.

Moses entered Egypt, a country from which he fled, to uncompromisingly reach the head, Pharaoh and demand the ultimate goal, the freeing of his people, in an uncompromising way. In contrast, during communism in Romania, too many western religious leaders of many denominations, came to Romania for tourism, entertainment, trying to woo communist leaders with personal business, etc. as described in many of these documents.

Christians in the West are not only unaware of the plight of their brethren in communist and Moslem countries, they are not only “asleep at the wheel,” but worse even, sleeping with the enemy! May this writing wake them up, and fight their most insidious enemy , the devil in all its forms!

I wish I could place this writing as a postscript in the now famous book of my father, Tortured for Christ, the manuscript of which, after coming out of communist Romania, I typed myself 4 times in 1966 on a clunky typewriter, before it appeared in English and then was translated and spread in 85 languages.

“The devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he might devour!” (1st Epistle of Apostle Peter 5:8) Please, dear fellow Christians, never underestimate your enemy!

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  1. Arthur Vanick
    mart. 25, 2014 @ 11:49:31

    Dear Michael,
    I remember you and your father and mother attending Mount Olive Lutheran Church many years ago, and will never forget the many incredible sermons that your father gave. He was truly a great man of God, and I am certain that he was well received in heaven. The men’s group at my current church read Tortured for Christ a couple of years ago and were astonished by what they read. You are so right – we Christians in the West have no idea how much severe persecution happens to this day in many countries around the world, even in countries with whom we spend countless billions on in trade.

    God’s richest blessings to you and your ministry! Are you still in southern California? If so, would you possibly consider coming to our church and giving a talk? Please let me know.

    In Christ,

    Art Vanick

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