Why America has not been reached for Christ yet

Greg Stier of www.dare2share.org, article posted at churchleaders.com

street evangelismGreg Stier gives 7 reasons:

  1. We have outsourced the work of evangelism … Stier says we wait for big names to come to town and preach instead of doing it ourselves (as is our God given duty).
  2. We have lost our sense of urgency
  3. We are ashamed of the Gospel … as he says, „nobody likes being mocked.”
  4. Many Christians can’t explain the Gospel (a BIG ONE- how can we explain when we don’t know/read it?)
  5. Church leaders are not leading the way
  6. We’ve forgotten how to pray (only the older people do it?)
  7. Churches don’t mobilize their young people to do it.

For resources on how to share the Gospel visit www.dare2share.org

2 comentarii (+add yours?)

  1. mtsweat
    dec. 12, 2012 @ 03:00:56

    Challenging thoughts… and I fear dead on. Blessings good friend.

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