AlinTimofte – Prunc Divin la Biserica Betania Oradea

O prunc divin – Alin Timofte- Seara de colinzi a bisericii Betania Oradea(14 Decembrie 2012) Published on Dec 15, 2012 by Geta91getutza Vezi aici mai multe cantari de la Seara de Colinzi a bisericii Betania Oradea-

Prunc Divin Live

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Iuliu Centea – Ingerul in campia Betleemului (mesaj scurt)

Cristian Dragomir la Biserica Betel Crangasi Bucuresti cu Florin Ianovici (scurt mesaj) 11 Decembrie 2012

Seara Tineret Betel București, Invitați: Corul Liceului Teologic Adventist & Christian Dragomir
Mesaj: pastor Florin Ianovici
Published on Dec 12, 2012 by inventivstudio

HAVA NAGILA – Seara de Tineret

cu Christian Dragomir

(Biserica penticostală Betel București – marți 11 decembrie 2012)

Christian Dragomir – Când mă aflu în prezența Ta / Cerul cântă

Poezie – Steaua Sperantei

de Simion Felix Marţian
A patra zi a falnicei Creaţii
Aduce-n cer, nu doar luminători,
Ci,răspândite-n infinite spaţii,
Grupate-n mii şi mii de constelaţii,
Şi stelele,aştrii strălucitori.

Nu ştim ce taine sunt ascunse-n stele
Şi nici n-avem dorinţa de a şti,
Dar la-mplinirea vremii,printre ele,
Prin spuza de scântei ca mici candele,
O stea,ca semn divin,pe cer sclipi.

Magii din Răsărit,scrutând tăria,
Au înţeles dumnezeiescul semn
Şi către Betleem,unde Maria
Născuse-n iesle pe Isus Mesia,
Să plece-ndată,au simţit îndemn.

S-au proşternut în sfântă închinare
Şi daruri scumpe magii au adus,
După ce steaua călăuzitoare,
Îndeplinindu-şi sfânta-nsărcinare,
I-a dus la ieslea Pruncului Isus.

Prindea contur un plan de mântuire
Născut de la căderea în păcat,
Când Dumnezeu,spre-a ne-mpăca cu Sine
Şi-a moşteni comorile divine,
În Pruncul Sfânt din iesle S-a-ntrupat

Şi pentru-a ne uni în veşnicie,
Pe Sine însuşi S-a făcut blestem
Ducând spre Golgota,ca o făclie,
Speranţa ce prin Domnul reînvie,
Aprinsă-n steaua de la Betleem.

Privesc spre boltă-n nopţile senine
Dar nu cred că o stea va străluci
Ca steaua ce-a condus pe magi la Tine,
O,Prinţ măreţ al dragostei divine,
Speranţa mea de fiecare zi.


Gaithers – Joy to the World

The virgin birth – How important is it?

The Annunciation. Luke 1:31-33 And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. And the Lord God will give to him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end.”

How do you explain to someone, or to your children, the significance of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and what importance do you attach to it?

Down below is the link to a powerful and informative sermon by American Theologian R.C.Sproul. In his message, R.C. Sproul states, „Who Jesus was, and is, has considerable influence on what it was He did.” Sproul says leaving a church should never be a small matter, and we should be careful not to go hopping around for churches. On the other hand, he says that there is a time, if and when in a church, the word of God is trampled under foot and the church denies a central truth of the Christian faith, then he states- not only ‘may‘ you leave- but, you ‘must’ leave.

The virgin birth of Jesus Christ is one such biblical truth that must not be denied, for, denying the virgin birth results in denying the deity of Jesus Christ.

Listen to the message here: R.C. Sproul – The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ

and listen to it with your kids, even if they are of a younger age  they will understand most aspects of this message, including the part towards the end when R.C.Sproul recounts how a christian Professor he once had, told him the reason angels were mentioned in the Bible was to speak to the ‘primitive’ minds of the people of that age, because science had not revolutionized the world at that point in time. Sproul then goes on to recount his own search of the Bible on the subject of angels, and coming up with a completely different answer.

It is important for our young people, and even our younger kids to be confident about what they believe, by reading the Bible and understanding it. They will most certainly be confronted by many issues such as these, and they must be ready to defend their faith. It is my ardent desire to be able to post sermons and messages that will build up our faith and give us solid reasons for our reasonings (apologetics). The Word of God, if you have read some of the previous posts, is not only present nourishment for our souls, but throughout history it has been a powerful force for all that is good (the building of cathedrals/schools, literacy throughout the world, hospitals, art, music,etc.). Let us dwell on the Word of God.

John 20:29

Jesus said to him, „Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Lecture 1

The Birth

from The Life of Jesus Teaching Series

by Dr. R.C. Sproul from Ligonier Ministries

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Lecture 1, The Birth from The Life of Jesus Tea…, posted with vodpod

Dr. R.C.Sproul – The Mystery of the Trinity Teaching Series:

  1. Dr. R.C.Sproul – Lecture 1, Monotheism 
  2. Dr. R.C.Sproul – Lecture 2, The Biblical Witness 
  3. Dr. R.C. Sproul – Lecture 3, Early Controversies 
  4. Dr.R.C.Sproul – Lecture 4, Fifth-Century Heresies 
  5. Dr. R.C.Sproul – Lecture 5, Contradiction vs. Mystery 
  6. Dr. R.C.Sproul – Lecture 6, One in Essence, Three in Person 

Ocean Explorer Robert Ballard Finds Evidence of Biblical Flood

photo from FOX news

news from

Ocean explorer Robert Ballard, who is responsible for the discovery of the Titanic shipwreck, says he may have discovered evidence of the Great Flood described in the Book of Genesis.

Ballard is now on a mission to find evidence that the „mother of all floods” actually occurred, he told Christiane Amanpour of ABC News.

„We went in there to look for the flood,” he told ABC News. „Not just a slow moving, advancing rise of sea level, but a really big flood that then stayed… The land that went under stayed under.”

The explorer’s mission was prompted by research conducted by Columbia University marine geologists William B.F. Ryan and Walter C. Pitman III. These men theorized that climate change during a glacial period caused the icecaps to melt, an article from The Earth Institute at Columbia University states, which led to widespread flooding.

Ryan and Pitman suggest the Bosporus strait, which served as a natural dam between the Mediterranean and Black seas, broke open at that time and caused salt water to flood the Black Sea with a force 200 times stronger than that of Niagara Falls. With the waters rising at the rate of about six inches per day, the flooding could have covered 60,000 square miles in less than a year, they theorize, causing humans to migrate away from the area and at the same time inspiring the stories of Gilgamesh and Noah’s ark. Ryan and Pitman’s theory can be found in their 1999 book, Noah‘s Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries About The Event That Changed History.

After deciding to explore this theory themselves, Ballard’s team found an ancient shoreline 400 feet below the surface, which suggests a flood catastrophe did occur there. After carbon dating shells from the shoreline, Ballard estimated the event occurred about 5,000 BC – around the time some believe the flood described in Genesis occurred.

Although natural evidence has given him confidence in his research, Ballard is also looking for more evidence of the civilizations that were affected by the disaster.

Ballard and his team plan to return to Turkey in the summer of 2013.

Revealing God’s Treasure – Noah’s Ark – Ron Wyatt

Cel mai vechi manuscris ale celor Zece Porunci va fi inclus in Librăria Digitală Cambridge

Un manuscris evriesc, vechi de 2.000 de ani, care conţine una dintre cele mai vechi copii ale celor Zece Porunci, a devenit ultimul text care să fie inclus în Librăria Digitală Cambridge.

manuscris_400Înainte de a fi descoperite manuscrisele de la Marea Moartă în 1947, documentul cunoscut drept „Papirusul Nash” era cel mai vechi manuscris cunoscut, ce conţine bucăţi din Biblia Evreilor, conformLiveScience.

Aceasta este pentru prima dată când manuscrisul este disponibil online, prin librăria digitală a Universităţii Cambridge. Din cauza vechimii şi a delicateţii lor, textele pot fi foarte rar expuse şi chiar şi atunci, doar câteva pagini. „Acum, cu generozitatea Fundaţiei Polonsky, oricine are o conexiune la Internet poate explora manuscrisul în detaliu,” a declarat un bibliotecar universitar, conform Huffington Post.

Lansată în decembrie anul trecut, librăria digitală a Universităţii Cambridge a atras deja zeci de milioane de oameni. Cu ajutorul Fundaţiei Polonsky, care a donat în iunie 2010 o sumă de 1,5 milioane de euro, a fost posibilă implementarea infrastructurii tehnice care face posibil acest progres.


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