Video de la Deschiderea Conferintei ‘Un lucru’ IHOP Timisoara

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Un Lucru 2012

Sesiunea 1 din 28 Decembrie 2012 (3 ore)

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  1. Delight in Truth
    dec. 31, 2012 @ 02:03:50

    Rodi, I don’t know how you feel about the charismatic movement and the different flavors of it, but I am not a fan of charismatism in general for the following reasons:

    1. Theology – most of what they preach is not centered on Christ. It is centered on POWER. Everything in ones life including success, spiritual and earthly blessing revolves around power. It is so heavily emphysized that when they pray it is mostly what they ask for. Repentance is not preached, or rarely preached. The wrath of God grounded in the justice of God even less. The Gospel message is just not there. I wanted to convince myself so I attended a Jesus Culture conference in LA and it was true. All they were asking God for is power. Not once was it specified what power is, or what the power was for. They also give man a higher role in carrying out God’s work… like the young man in the video said… Ps 110… Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet… He says that God makes His enemies His footstool THRU US…

    2. Practice – One of the common practices is to declare commands and statements over dominions and principalities that are not part of our domain. We are not called to rule over these forces of darkness. It is common practice to engage in certain activities by command. Like lifting up your hands and receiving power on command. And they put almost no accent on holiness practice…

    3. Worship – I find it to not be Christ centered in many cases. It is centered on emotion and manifestation of the flesh in large part. I’m not a big MacArthur fan because he is cessationist but he makes some good points about charismatics and I know for a fact that there a many small charismatic churches in Romanian (2 or 3 big ones too) who have somewhat shallow worship attitude and practice.

    Having said that I’m sure there are some godly people in this movement, no question… But I am very concerned mainly with the focus of their theology

    • rodi
      dec. 31, 2012 @ 11:23:46

      Chris, I will answer your response in a little bit. Right now doing the Martha thing 🙂 for some special guests.

    • rodi
      dec. 31, 2012 @ 15:36:57

      Chris and Gabi
      You are probably very familiar with fr. Iosif Ton and Strajerii a few years back. I did a lot of reading and researching back then, including about American & Canadian movements. The biggest take away I took from that research is something I came across toawrds the end of the search and wouldn’t you know it? It was something very wise that John Piper said. I’ll excerpt it, and you can watch the whole 3 1/2 min video here if you want: The words in parenthesis are mine)

      Question put to Piper was:
      What do you think about the revival services happening in Lakeland Florida? His answer was,
      Piper: „I don’t know anything first hand about it, so let me see what I can say.
      (Me: We are in the same boat, at least I am, as I don’t know anything first hand, although I have been watching the leader Claudius Samartinean who is highly esteemed in the venagelical community and a man of prayer, since his youth)
      Piper: „... maybe something general I can say about it. I’m not as knee jerk, negative about weird revival, as some people are. And I say weird, because that’s the word being used to describe some of the phenomenon that is there. I want to test things, not by the weirdness of the phenomenon, that people are falling, or laughing, or gold is growing in their teeth. I want to test it by: Do they preach the truth. That’s my number 1. Is this pastor honoring the Bible, as His main glorious source of truth, and is he as excited about what he sees about Jesus in the Bible, as what he sees about Jesus in the phenomenon in the room? And if I get the impression that the Bible is kind of a pump priming preliminary to the real stuff, I’m saying, „Something’s fishy here”. I’ve been in meetings like that, where the Bible is used in that way and I don’t like it.

      So, if I had to sit down with the pastor who’s leading this, I’d just give him a theology quiz. I wouldn’t be asking him about, „Do you think this is real?” I would just say, „What do you believe about atonement, what do you believe about the nature of Christ, what do you believe about the way people get saved? How do you understand works in relation to faith? Give me your doctrine of justification and if he proved at that point to be off the wall or indifferent, I would write it off. Meaning I wouldn’t put much stock in it.

      The Holy Spirit can work, but you don’t base what you choose to do in church or in your life by what God seems to be doing in the world. You judge it by this book (the Bible). Otherwise you get swept away in this because it’s not possible without this book to separate out what is of God and what is of the flesh in any particular reviving.

      all three of your points are valid and are concerns that people outside the movement have. I agree with all of your concerns. Since they released 3 of the 4 programs to video on the same day, I have not had the chance to watch but a part of the first video. I plan to watch them all and see what the conference was all about. Again, not sure what specific things you or Gabi saw or heard, or at which session of the conference or if it’s just the association with IHOP here in the USA. One thing I do know is that Claduius Samartinean is a faithful man through what he has preached in the past and through his work at Casa de Rugaciune in Bazna in Romania (the first 24 hour prayer house in Romania).

      Like Piper said, what do we know of the doctrines, or what can be deduced from the sermons preached there? Hope to have a better answer after watching some of the sermons the next couple of days.

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