John Piper’s last sermon as Pastor of Bethlehem Church

Photo from Star Tribune

from the Star Tribune-

After more than 30 years as senior pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, the fiery preacher of hardline biblical values is retooling his priorities.

But he won’t go quietly into retirement. At 66, he still has the passion to write books, preach and tour the country with his Desiring God ministry, just not so much for the day-to-day duties of running a megachurch with close to 5,000 weekly attendees.

„I have … a limited amount of energy, and I want it to go toward reading, writing, preaching but not organizational efforts at meetings,” Piper said in a recent interview.

A prominent theologian and author of dozens of books, Piper is considered one of the most influential voices in conservative evangelicalism.

This was Pastor John Piper’s last sermon as Pastor of Bethlehem Church, due to his retirement from the position. The sermon  was delivered on December 29th, 2012. However, to our delight, Piper will still be speaking at different conferences and venues and his work will continue. from –

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