John Piper condemns prosperity preachers for enticing worshippers into a faith that’s not real Christianity

The Christian Post highlights one point John Piper made in his last sermon as Pastor of Bethlehem Church in Minneapolis, which he pastored for 32 years before handing over the baton to Jason Meyer.

„If you entice people with wealth, … ease, health, chipper, bouncy, light-hearted, playful, superficial banter in your worship service posing as joy in Christ, you will attract people, oh yeah, you can grow a huge church that way. But Christ will not be seen in his glory and the Christian life will not be seen as the calvary road that it is,” said Piper on Sunday.

„I turn with dismay from church services that are treated like radio talk shows where everything sounds chipper and frisky and high-spirited and chattering and designed evidently to make people feel light-hearted and playful and bouncy,” he said. „I say, don’t you know there are people dying of cancer in this room? Don’t you know some are barely making it financially? … And you’re going to create an atmosphere that’s bouncy …? I just don’t get it. It’s not who we are.”

Of course, the world does need to see happy Christians but that happiness has to be a „Christ-bought, God-wrought happiness in pain,” Piper stressed. „Otherwise, what we offer them isn’t anything they don’t already have. They know how to be happy in good times.”

What it needs, he preached, is „our indomitable, invincible joy in the midst of suffering and sorrow.”

You can watch the sermon here. This was Pastor John Piper’s last sermon as Pastor of Bethlehem Church. It was delivered on December 29th, 2012. However, Piper will still be speaking at different conferences and venues and his work will continue, God willing. From –

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