Florin Ianovici – Radio Interviu (90 min)


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Un interviu in care Pastorul Florin Ianovici povesteste felul in care Dumnezeu i-a transformat viata.

Si un indemn de la Pastorul Florin Ianovici afisat pe pagina de Facebook astazi:

“Pasul dintre timp şi veşnicie este scurt, dar teribil.”

Timp este ceea ce ai sub soare. Vesnicia e ceea ce vom avea dincolo de soare.

run the raceFiecare zi este un: pe locuri, fiti gata, start! E un timp dat fiecaruia pentru o cursa in care alergi, o cursa numita viata. Cronometrul este pornit de la nastere si nu are buton de “pause”.

La final de alergare premiul esti tu! Daca vei fi alergat dupa randuiala atunci vei fi laureat o vesnicie. Daca ai alergat haotic, spasmotic si dupa regulile tale atunci vesnicia va fi usturatoare.

Cursa aceasta nu iti apartine. Ai fost inscris in ea. Daca insa vei consimti sa alergi staruitor spre premiul chemarii ceresti in Hristos, atunci ea va deveni cursa credintei.

Cursa aceasta nu iti apartine dar cineva te va minti ca poti sa alergi cum vrei tu si spre ce vrei tu si ca poti sa iei cursa in mainile tale. Te va minti ca poti fi echipat cum vrei tu si ca nu conteaza cum si spre ce alergi cata vreme esti castigator.

In cursa credintei nu se alearga solitar si nu concurezi cu semenii. Nu e un sprint ci un maraton. Se alearga in pluton si nu se contabilizeaza vedetele ci unitatea si disciplina alergarii.

Cineva te va minti spunand ca blitzul conteaza si sa te dai in figuri. Tu sa nu asculti minciunile…!

Pasul dintre timp si vesnicie este scurt, dar teribil. Foloseste timpul bine ca sa dobandesti fericita vesnicie!

Stiri Crestine 17 Ianuarie 2013 – Triburile evreiesti pierdute se intorc din China si India

alfaomega tvPublished on Jan 18, 2013 mai multe stiri crestine gasiti pe site-ul http://alfaomega.tv/stiri

Din sumarul editiei:

  1. Religiunea curata: ajutorarea orfanilor si vaduvelor crestine din Egipt
  2. Gavin Boby: distrugatorul de moschei din Anglia
  3. Triburile evreiesti pierdute se intorc din China si India (Incepe la minutul 7:00)
  4. Victimele taifunului din Filipine Il intalnesc pe Cristos in mijlocul necazului lor Dumnezeu si
  5. Scrooge: descoperind credinta scriitorului Charles Dickens
  6. Va redefini Curtea Suprema din Statele Unite cuvantul „casatorie” ?
  7. Crestinii din vestul Romaniei au inceput anul 2013 prin rugaciune – Biserica Penticostala Tabor Oradea, Biserica Agape Timisoara (Incepe la minutul 19:00)

R. C. Sproul – Why don’t Christians care about sin?

from a Ligonier conference-  LigonierMinistries

Alistair Begg responds:

The believer does not understand the notion of Union with Christ.

If we don’t preach the Gospel to ourselves all day, every day, then we will fail in some arena. And one of the areas of failure is a fast lane into antinomianism. So peopele then,  under the disguise of a superabundance of the grace of God answer the question with which Romans 6 begins, and answer it wrongly. „Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?” They answer, „Yes.” And off they go. You know- „Shall I take my body and join it to a prostitute?” What kind of question is that? That’s a question for a Christian. Because the Christian has ben united with Christ. The Christian is in union with Christ and  we don’t understand what it means to be united with Christ, then all we’ll be left with is either legalism on the one hand, or lawlessness on the other hand.

It is since then, you have been raised with Christ to seek those things that are above. It is about who you are in Christ, because your nature and your status have been changed, because you’ve been raised to the heavenly places that these things are not impossible, but are now incongruent. And, I think part of the problem is that people do not know who they are in Christ.

R.C. Sproul responds:

I think, also, there’s a hidden premise in the question that can be very distorting. The real question is: Why don’t Christians care about their continuing sin? It is absolutely impossible for a person to be regenerate of the Holy Spirit and not care at all about sin. In that sense, there’s no such thing as „the carnal Christian”, who can receive Christ and be regenerate, and have no repentance. That is impossible. That is as unbiblical as it gets.

But, why don’t we care to the degree we ought to care? We care, but we don’t care enough. And it’s because our hearts are still lust til fully sanctified. And, God the Holy Spirit, in His convicting power has not fully revealed to us the sinfulness of our sin. Exhibit A is David. After his ghastly act of adultery and proxy murder of Uriah was trying to cover it up. Was He was a believing man and he’s down in the dregs of evil, and yet he doesn’t really show a whole lot of concern until God sends that prophet to him and tells him the story. And when the light dawns, when Nathan says, „Thou art the man,” David sees the evil of his sin and writes Psalm 51. Psalm 51 could never have been written by a human being who didn’t care about his sin.

But, here’s the blessing, if God revealed to me right now, the full measure  of the continuing sin in my life, it would destroy me. God is gracious and gentle in correcting us gradually. That is one of the things that is nice about progressive sanctification. Because if He gave it all at one time, we’d be dead.

Join the Christians of Iraq in praying for unity of the Church – Week of Prayer Starts January 18


Mission News Network reporting:

Iraq (MNN) – Yesterday saw the deadliest violence in Iraq since late November. Despite the uptick, Open Doors USA says believers are coming together in Baghdad. Starting tomorrow, Christ-followers from 14 different denominations will gather for a Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

It’s modeled after Christ’s petition in John 17:20-21 – „that they all would be one.” Get your friends to join you in praying for the Church and Iraq and throughout the Middle East.

Read more on the Global Persecution Watch Page

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