Ravi Zacharias – How Do We Challenge This Generation?

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2 Kings 21 

  • When you’re talking tonight, or in the future, about living with the Word, and finding yourself equipped and strengthened for the future, to face the future, as it is rushing towards us at an incredible pace. How do we meet them?  How do we challenge this generation? 
  • In my 40 years of traveling and preaching, I have never seen the challenge more daunting than it is now. Incredible challenge, extraordinary distortions. And, on the one side you face a rabid, strident naturalism that wants to do away with God in all paradigms. And, on the other side you see a new spirituality- „so called”. The end result is the same in both of them. Because when you think about it, what does secularism really do, when it is taken out to its logical and systemic conclusion? It is the eviction of God. And what does the new, so called, spirituality do? That basically deifies the individual. Same end result. There is no transcendent, infinite, all wise personal being. It’s all about you, one way or the other, either in spiritual terms or rabidly naturalistic terms.

At such a time like this, you and I have been called to live. It is by divine appointment that we are here at this time. And, we’ve set our hand to the plow. And we dare not look back. And, as we are called to live for the word, and empowered for the future, I want to bring to you a message tonight, that I hope will stir your hearts, touch your minds, and ultimately bring a response from your wills to the honor and the glory of God.

Ravi’s message starts at the 5:45 minute mark.

Manasseh, Amon, and Josiah

  1. Josiah built a conviction of safety for his people. Isn’t that the longing of your heart and mind? That you send your children out, or you go out, and you have that sense of safety about you? The famed Korean evangelist, Billy Kim, tells of the time during the Korean war. A young man was ordered out of the trenches to go and rescue his fallen mates. And, he said he would do it, but, he looked at his watch and ducked for cover, and the commander came by a few minutes later and he was still in the trenches and he said, „What on earth are you doing?” I told you to go and rescue your fallen mates, there’s an awful lot of them just lying wounded out there.” He said, „I will do it sir,” and again he looked at his watch and he crouched again til the commanding officer fled elsewhere. The commander comes again and asks, „What on earth are you doing? Go and rescue your fallen mates.”  He keeps looking, looking, looking at his watch, jumps out of his trench and goes and rescues his fallen mates all night long. In the early hours of dawn, as he is sitting back, tired and exhausted, somebody looks at him and says, „What is the matter with you? You were told 3 times to go and rescue your fallen mates and all you would do is look at your watch and cower and hide.” He said, „I’m embarrassed to tell you this. I don’t know God, and I’m afraid of dying. But, my mother knows God. And when I left, she gave me a Bible to put into my bag. And she said, ‘Son, every day, at the following hour, I will be on my knees praying for you.'” He said, „I was waiting for that hour to strike, when I knew my mother would be on her knees, and I was ready to go out at that time.” When all the firepower in the world doesn’t give you hope, but your mother on her knees gives you the confidence that you are secure. That’s what Josiah did for his people.
  2. Josiah satisfied them with the power to change, by giving them the word and telling them they could change. Anyone here that needs to make some changes? Do you know that where you’re headed is the wrong direction? Are you in a relationship you ought to never have begun and been in? Are you in a habit that is breaking you and tormenting you? Are you a person of your word, or are you constantly breaking it and living a lie? I know of the only hope for somebody like that. It’s when the Holy Spirit of God will transform you, after convicting you and telling you He will give you the power to change for the future. Yes, the days are dark. Yes, the world is broken. And we tend to look at the immediate and say, „It’s not gonna work.” God is sovereign, God is in charge, God holds the threads. God will honor His word. God will lead the believer in the path of righteousness. He will be there in every fearful situation.

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