Paul Washer – How to lead someone to the Lord

Paul Washer at the G3 Conference in January 2013:

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  1. The Master's Slave
    feb. 15, 2013 @ 22:54:45

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  2. J.L.Jackson
    feb. 22, 2013 @ 15:59:33

    Dear Lord,
    What will become of the struggling churches around the nation who have never understood the Gospel of the kingdom? They have never heard a gospel that is worth living for let alone worth dying for. Will you not send them a messenger with the Good News of a savior with power and glory? Manifest yourself to them through your Word. Open their eyes to its truth and promise. Please give them another chance to hear and respond to the only hope for mankind.
    Father we confess that we have presented a small and false gospel that represents you as simple and small. We see that we have so misrepresented you and profaned your name. We confess and repent of our sin and of grieving the Spirit of God.
    Give us a heart to study the reproving Word and recognize the value of the unspeakable gift of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is our only need. Lord we would ask for the Spirit’s insight into complete and inerrant Gospel. That we might be saved from the selfishness and sin and unbelief that is rampant in the Church today. Have mercy on us, send the sharp dagger of conviction that we might surrender all that we have to your glory
    All this is possible because of Jesus

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