Ploaie de Meteoriti in Rusia – Meteorite hits Russia (video)

PHOTO- Meteor explodes in the sky over Chelyabinsk, Russia (Image from dashboard camera, credit unknown)

CHELYABINSK, Russia, February 15, 2013 (ENS) – An asteroid several meters in diameter exploded in the atmosphere above the city of Chelyabinsk today at about 9:30 in the morning local time, injuring hundreds of people and damaging thousands of buildings, said officials.

Videos of the event taken on dashboard camera, such as the four images below, show an object streaking across a clear, blue sky and bursting into fireballs with loud explosions. Trails of vapor were visible for hundreds of miles.

As of late afternoon, around 1,200 people had been reported hurt, including more than 200 children, mostly in the Chelyabinsk Region, the Interior Ministry told the RIA Novasti news agency.

Two people are reported to be in “grave” condition, but most of those hurt had suffered minor cuts from broken glass as the shockwaves from the meteorite shattered windows in Chelyabinsk, a city of 1.1 million residents south of the Ural Mountains in south-central Russia.

President Vladimir Putin ordered emergency officials to provide “immediate” assistance to people affected by the meteorite.

Environment News Service (

Un meteorit de 10 tone a intrat in atmosfera si a explodat deasupra Rusiei. Meteoritul intra in atmosfera cu o viteza halucinanta- 20 km pe secunda, peste 70,000 de km pe ora. La contactul cu aerul, meteoritul a explodat de 9 ori. Aproape 1000 de oameni au fost raniti de suflul exploziilor. Meteoritul a provocat un crater de 6 metri in Kazakstan, 3,000 de cladiri sunt avariate. Printre ele, sute de scoli si gradinite, toate pline in momentul impactului. Dar, dezastrul ar fi putut sa fie mult mai mare daca meteoritul ar fi ramas intreg.

Autoritatile Ruse spun ca nu au mai bombardat meteoritul pentru ca nu l-au observat la timp. Multumesc lui Ana Badiu pentru semnalarea acestui video:

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